Wondering how the mulching feature works on the new Worx lawn mower?

The Wonders of Worx Mulching Capabilities: Say Goodbye to Overgrown Grass!

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The WORX WG779.9 Mulching Capabilities and Intellicut, WG779 40V Cordless 14″ Lawn Mower Bare Tool Only, Black and Orange offers an amazing mulching capability that allows you to easily remove leaves, twigs, and other debris from your lawn without having to stop and dispose of it. This mower is also equipped with an IntelliCut system that automatically adjusts the cutting height to ensure a even coverage of the lawn. Additionally, it features a front wheel drive for easy maneuverability, a battery-powered motor for reduced noise and emissions, and a 12 amp hour battery for long lasting performance. With all these great features, the WORX WG779.

Bare tool only- No battery or gas required
14″ cutting width- Ideal for medium to large lawns
7.5 amp motor provides plenty of power
Mulching capability- Leaves a smooth, even finish on your lawn
Steel blade and precision cutting deck for long lasting durability
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9 Mulching Capabilities and Intellicut
40V Cordless 14
Lawn Mower Bare Tool Only, Black and Orange

Core Information Of Worx WG779.9

Product Model WG779.9
Product Dimensions 45 x 18.11 x 34.84 inches
Product Weight 26.2 pounds
Product Manufacturer Worx

Must Know About Worx WG779.9

The patented Intellicut technology provides a second function, which lets you conserve electricity while preserving sufficient torque for fast and easy jobs. The compact mower is small enough to fit comfortably in the trunk of a car, making it perfect for outings. It comes with a cutting height adjustment tool, an indicator for grass bags, and an oversize carry handle for the bags. Extra 220W dual transformer power adaptors sold separately; buy additional batteries to share across multiple other 20V products!

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Top Customer Reviews for Worx WG779.9

Louise A. Brouillette rated Worx WG779.9 5 out of 5 stars on May 21, 2022 and this is exact feedback provided:

Perfect for my small lawn

We own several Worx tools, so when we were looking for a cordless mower, this was perfect for us. This product does not come with batteries or chargers, but since we had those, it was the right choice. The model we purchased ($83) was listed as “used,” but other than the box being damaged, the mower showed no sign of previous use.It took less than 10 minutes to put together and no tools were necessary. We noticed the first time we used it that it was not quite as powerful as the corded mower we had, but it still mowed the grass very well. Next time we’re going to try the “turbo” setting to see if it’s more powerful, but the trade-off would be increased battery use. On regular setting, it used about half of the battery power to mow our small yard, so I think we could get two mowings out of the batteries before they would need to be recharged.I’m very pleased with our purchase, and I think Worx tools with their interchangeable batteries are a great choice.

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COLEY GROSS rated Worx WG779.9 3 out of 5 stars on May 22, 2022 and this is exact feedback provided:

Carefull. Worx Model WG799 came with NO BATTERY OR CHARGER

This is an update may 31 23 Im ( very importatant ending) Im67 years Ive never been so upset. Always used gas. I took an interest because lithium batteries are powerful. Cells hold up to 5000 milliamps. Why not try an battery powered lawn mower? What s piece of junk.Buy the one that SAYS not shows that batteries and charger come with it. Dont assume. Its ok but Im disabled. Honestly I couldnt imagine a plastic lawn mower cutting 10 to 12″ high grass.Tech support at Amazon was great. See the 2 batteries (use can use one but last half as long) 2×20 amp batteries.They were so nice they gave me a very nice credit on each near $100 battery. I bought a second bat because it hols 2×20 amp batts, just mabe if i put 2 Batts in it it will start.After I went trough all the following, charging the batteries (Which arrive uncharged) it simply will not turn on. I was an electric computet tech. for 20 years. Hell I know how to put 2 fully charged batteries in. Insert the cheap plastic start key & NOTHING. Indicator on lawnmower wouldnt even light up with two fully charged batteries. Currently waiting on the 2nd one to arrive since the 2 batteries cost more than my Worx lawnmower purchase:READ THE FOLLOWING:Dam thing came with no battery(s) Its suppose to work longer if you insert an extra 20 volt @$100 a pop i.e. per battery.I went through hell via Amazon. Phonewise, but they were great. They gave 2 large credits after 4 hours on the phone. 1 call to get a battery and another because the wrong charger.was sent. Plus I bought a second battery.One would assume you dont have to put but one max 2 batts, put the key in the end of the switch. Nope dead. The trick is putting it all together, hell Im a 20 yr retired computer tech. How stupid of me. i bought a 2nd lawnmower and didnt know that there is a safety handle besides the orange key, much like what you see on self propelled gas mowers.Being disabled I whats my buddy throw it together the second one I bought after putting it together, my buddy pulls the self propelled like handle with orange plastic key and bingo everything a ok.Update finshed May 31 22Dont do what I did. U will regret it. The battery charger shown and recommended was a little 1 amp car battery maintainer @ 12 volts. WRONG DONT FIT.I kept the wrong charger, who knows when ones battery is close to dead.Also Works lawnmowers are shere junk. At leat my opinion. Cheap plastic everything. BUY A GAS OR A NICE CORDED MODEL FROM LOWES!

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