The Simpson Cleaning ALH3425 is the ultimate pressure washer for serious cleanups!

SIMPSON Cleaning ALH3425 Aluminum Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Honda GX200, 3600 PSI @ 2.5 GPM, Blue

Simpson Cleaning ALH3425
SIMPSON Cleaning ALH3425 Aluminum Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Honda GX200, 3600 PSI @ 2.5 GPM, Black & Red

The Simpson Cleaning ALH3425 Aluminum Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Honda GX200 is a powerful and durable pressure washer that is perfect for industrial or commercial use. It has a 3600 PSI rating and can produce up to 2.5 GPM of water flow, making it an excellent choice for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Plus, the Honda GX200 engine provides reliable power and starts easily every time. The ALH3425 also features a black and red powder-coated finish that resists scratches and corrosion, making it look great and last longer.

The Simpson Cleaning ALH3425 Aluminum Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Honda GX200 is a great way to clean your car, house, or deck
This pressure washer has a 3600 PSI at 2.5 GPM
With the Honda GX200 engine, this pressure washer is reliable and easy to start
The ALH3425 has a detergent injection system that allows you to add soap to your cleaning projects
It also includes a thermal relief valve that protects the pump from overheating
This pressure washer is easy to move around with its two built-in handles

Key Information About The Product

Product Model ALH3425
Product Dimensions 30 x 24 x 21 inches
Product Weight 80 pounds
Product Manufacturer Simpson Cleaning

All there is to know about Simpson Cleaning ALH3425

Designed to meet the rigorous specifications of the cleaning professional, the Simpson aluminum series frame is fabricated of 100 aircraft-grade aluminum, making it lighter in weight than the majority of steel frame pressure washer designs. Ideal for contractors specializing in cleaning decks, cleaning and restoring wood, preparing surfaces for paint, and more. The Simpson series of aluminum structures is designed to provide optimum performance in the most extreme environments.

4.2Expert Score
Easy to assemble
Was little paranoid about getting item intact after reading some reviews but to my reassurance, item was packed with expanded foam padding throughout. Short of being dropped from 8-10ft, I don't see how anything inside could get bend or damaged. Very simple to set up; literally 4 steps:- slide handle in place and install 2 hand fasteners- Hook up hoses- Add included motor oil to engine- Add gasStarted on 2 or 3rd pull and ran fine for driveway cleaning project . I am using ethanol free gas as required. Don't use regular gas or else expect your carburetor to fail within a year. The part only costs $20 but someone might try to charge a premium to replace. Background: 30+ years using and working on small engines (25 – 725cc)Item seems pretty solid so far- I will revise this review after several months if anything negative occurs.

Top Customer Reviews for Simpson Cleaning ALH3425

Sam Vert rated Simpson Cleaning ALH3425 5 out of 5 stars on June 18, 2017 and this is exact feedback provided:

5 Star Performance, Zero Star Packaging

This is my first pressure washer and I wanted to get a good one. Sure, I could save some coin buying a lesser unit, but I didn't want to spend all weekend cleaning my driveway and patio. I'm glad I got the big one.Mine was slightly damaged during shipping; more on that later.After adding the included oil and filling the tank with fresh gasoline, I fed the pump some hose water and pulled the recoil starter. It fired right up, as a Honda should! I started off with the rotary head (rated for 4.0 GPM) and it immediately began to clear the scum from my driveway. The engine is well muffled for such a large displacement, by the way. The 50 foot hose is adequate for most residential needs, but adding a 100 footer to the accessories pile would help for cleaning off rockeries and brickwork around the backyard. This is the Evergreen State after all and moss is EVERYWHERE! Moss has met it's match with this unit, but I digress..The 4500 PSI rated hose is of a 3/8" size, and it's burly but not too unwieldy; there is a price for power. I found the hose needs a bit of attention to deliberately lay out according to your intended cleaning path because loops and twists are not easily handled without setting down the wand, walking back to the problem and uncoiling it manually. Again, it's par for the course here.The big Honda 390 pushes 4 gallons per minute with serious authority; it's easy to get cavalier with the wand but care must be used when getting close to wood as it will tear it up in no time flat, especially with a turbo head. Reducing the pressure and flow with the regulator on the wand proved invaluable around delicate structures and planter areas; I can't imagine using this machine without it.I really love the aluminum base and frame. It's nice to know that it will never rust and weight has been kept to a minimum. As for the CAT pump, what's not to like? Industrial duty and rebuildable, it's the best money can buy. And when it comes to pressure washers, it's really all about the pump.I can also say that if your plans for a pressure washer consist primarily of auto or boat washing, this unit is overkill extreme. An electric Karcher or similar machine would be much better suited to you. If you value your time as much as your money and want to spend more of it enjoying your property then cleaning it, this is the one to get!Now about the damage. The courier that delivered the box to my house had noted that they received it with the cardboard already torn and plastic shipping wrap bandaging up the sad sight. A brief inspection didn't show anything wrong, but as soon as the courier left, I noticed the frame had gotten bent and the handle wouldn't slide on. I decided to just bend the post back in place enough to slide the handle on and live with it. Thankfully the engine proper didn't sustain any blows.I've given the unit 5 stars because I think it deserves it, but Simpson has got to do something about their packaging. It's totally inappropriate to ship a 1300 dollar 125 pound machine in a 2 dollar single corrugated cardboard box. The machine was essentially swimming in a paper sack by the time it made it to my driveway. The wand and tube were simply dropped in the box without any extra protection and the fact that they weren't damaged or missing is nothing short of a miracle.In summary, I would say that if you order one of these, you're rolling the dice when it comes to damage. Be prepared to refuse the shipment or hassle with aftermath from a significant impact.

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Denise C. Goodman rated Simpson Cleaning ALH3425 1 out of 5 stars on December 14, 2018 and this is exact feedback provided:

Breaks down after minimal use

I used this power washer since May 2017 and used it for maybe a total of five hours max. It said there was a warranty on this so when this machine stopped working, I took it into an authorized repair shop. They informed me it would cost over $350 to repair. Why bother with a warranty if this company isn’t going to support their product. I would not recommend purchasing this power washer.

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