The Honda HRX217VLA is the perfect lawn mower for anyone looking for power and ease of use

It's software-based and features integrated choose speed control for the utmost in function, durability and comfort.

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The Honda HRX217VLA 21″ Walk Behind Lawn Mower is electric start and has a durable Nexite deck. This mower is great for people with smaller yards, as it can easily maneuver around tight spaces. It also has an adjustable Smart Drive Control, which makes it easy to adjust the speed based on your needs. The blade stop system also ensures that the blades will stop immediately when the engine is turned off, so you can safely empty the bag without having to worry about injury.

The Honda HRX217VLA is a 21″ walk behind lawn mower with electric start.
It has a powerful dual blade system that mulches up to 96% of the clippings and ejects them out the side.
The Versamow system lets you choose how much or little clipping to bag or mulch.
The smart drive system automatically adjusts the speed to match your stride.
The Honda HRX217VLA has a 7 position height adjustment, so you can mow at the perfect height for your lawn.
The 3 in 1 design lets you choose between side discharge, mulching, or bagging your clippings.

Significant Information Of Honda

Product Dimensions 44.25 x 23.5 x 19.25 inches
Product Weight 95 pounds
Product Manufacturer Honda

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Honda’s 21-in-. Hrx217k5vla with leading edge, neptateris pryfing deck, and microcut twin blade lawnmower with stewards varomaw car and clip manager provides flawless performance regardless of mulching, bagging, discharging grass clippings, or shredding leaves without having to add any additional accessories or other components. It’s software-based and features integrated choose speed control for the utmost in function, durability and comfort.

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Top Customer Reviews for Honda

Me rated Honda 5 out of 5 stars on June 23, 2019 and this is exact feedback provided:

Great walk-behind!

After reading multiple reviews for the HRX217, I bought one….and I AM GLAD I DID!. Both my wife and I are starting to get up there in age and mileage, and the electric start and power-assist were at the top of the wish list. First, it was shipped fast. Second, It was easy to un-box and assemble. Third, it starts instantly. Fourth, it mows evenly and easily. Fifth, the power-assist drive is very helpful on my property (I don’t have the “flat-postage-stamp yard”. Sixth, You can adjust the “how fast” on the throttle easily. Now for the one negative that I have. The Ergonomics on the throttle control is a little quirky…not bad….just quirky. I had to adjust my grip a little from the “normal way” I grip the handles of mower to keep from cramping my thumbs. This is NOT a game changer, but if you are going to purchase this mower, you need to be aware of it. I’ve been a Honda owner (cars) for decades and their engineering teams continue to show their abilities to put out a great product.

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Rich rated Honda 2 out of 5 stars on September 24, 2019 and this is exact feedback provided:

Not impressed.

I just assumed the mower would have a superior cut or even just a good one. This mower doesn’t leave nice cut blades of grass behind. Looks uneven when done. I’ll try to sharpen the blade I guess, but you really shouldn’t have to do that with a brand new lawnmower. Also, emptying the bag is a PITA. To fit it in the big brown recycle bags I have to take the frame out first. For the money, I really expected better.

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