SENIX 58 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Push Lawn Mower with Battery and Charger – Blue, 15 Inch

(59.5L-V58) Features and Specification: Electrical Rating: 11 amp, 60 Hz. 60 volt power system. 20″ rear casting deck width with 1

SENIX 58 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Push Lawn Mower with Battery and Charger Include, Blue, 15 Inch

The SENIX 58 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Push Lawn Mower with Battery and Charger is a high quality product that offers many features and benefits to the customer. This lawn mower is powered by a 58 volt lithium-ion battery, which provides plenty of power and runtime for even the largest lawns. It also features a brushless motor, which offers superior performance and durability compared to traditional brushed motors. The lawn mower also includes a battery charger, so you can always keep your battery fully charged. And finally, the lawn mower comes with a blue 15 inch cutting deck, which provides plenty of cutting capacity for smaller lawns.

SENIX 58 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Push Lawn Mower with Battery and Charger is the perfect addition to any lawn care arsenal.
This mower is powered by a 58-volt lithium-ion battery that provides plenty of power and runtime for even the largest yards.
The brushless motor ensures reliable performance and long life, while the 15-inch cutting deck provides plenty of cutting power for tackling even the thickest grass.
The included battery and charger let you get started right away, and the ergonomic design makes pushing this mower a breeze.
Best of all, this mower comes with a 2-year warranty, ensuring that you’ll be happy with
The Best Lawn Mower
58 Volts of Power and

Primary Information Of YAT LPPX5-L

Product Model LPPX5-L
Product Dimensions 44 x 15.6 x 13 inches
Product Weight 33.5 pounds
Product Manufacturer YAT

Everything You Should Know About YAT LPPX5-L

The seniix lppx5-l 15-inch lithium-ion cordless lawn mower includes a high-performance brushless motor that automatically starts up, delivering smooth, quiet and consistent power for even cutting without the hassle of cords or fumes, noise, or vibrations of gas mowers. The hardtop grass catcher’s “full” indicator and a single lever for height adjustments make it easy for it to accommodate varying heights while raising the wheels of grass. A safety lock makes it less likely for it to start unexpectedly. The foldable handle helps keep the space, enabling you to store it horizontally or vertically. It employs a senix b25x5 2.5AH battery and chx5 2 home screen charger.

4.4Expert Score
Light weight
Hi. After chemo, my strength is less than half what I had, but that yard’s still there. So I bought this little guy-he looks smaller in person, but I can use it, push and pull it and carry it about without any problems. The battery lasts a good long time, I forgot to time it but it was quite awhile. You need to use it with the grass catcher which is new to me, it’s not so bad. You need to empty it a lot which gives me a chance to rest a bit, a lot of people may not like that about it though. It cut really good, easy to raise and lower with that one handle, starts quick and simply with a key, very quiet, light weight to push, too. Good for trimming as well because it gets way up close to things, folds up out of the way, battery charges fast, easy to put in and remove.

Top Customer Reviews for YAT LPPX5-L

Krystle K. rated YAT LPPX5-L 5 out of 5 stars on November 12, 2020 and this is exact feedback provided:

Best Electric Mower, No Contest

So after much research, I decided to get this mower because when compared to all other 15″ electric mowers, you’ll find that this one’s battery is more powerful and lasts longer while even being cheaper than its competition. It doesn’t have the recognition of Greenworks or other brands, but on paper it looked better in every way so I took a chance and I’m glad I did.First off, I actually wanted a 17″ mower as I think it’s the ideal size between not too big or too small. So that was the only thing I was compromising on. But then, Senix sent me their 17″ model free of charge because they said they were out of their 15″ model at the time. I didn’t even know they had a 17″ model as they weren’t offering it on Amazon, but I was super happy to get the 17″ version. Sadly even this model, the 15″, isn’t currently available on Amazon, but I hope they start offering more of their products on Amazon soon.I had an electric mower before this one, so without going into needless details, this mower is well designed and really just amazing in every way. The power’s awesome; it seems that electric power tools are finally catching up to gasoline versions. The only detail I wanted to mention is that I can get 45 to 75 minutes on a fully charged battery. It just depends on the height of the grass. It can last more like 35 to 45 minutes if you’re cutting really high grass or being rough with it.Speaking of, I was being rough with mine for a second time and bent the blade more than I was comfortable with. When I called customer service, Bob in Charlotte immediately offered to send me a replacement blade free of charge!I hope this review has been helpful. It’s the first review I’ve ever written not only because the product is great, but because their customer service has also been incredible. So I thought they deserved the shout out.

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PJ rated YAT LPPX5-L 1 out of 5 stars on May 28, 2020 and this is exact feedback provided:

Already Disappointed!!

Parts missing, manual lacks much needed info, hard to follow instructions, no info on cleaning after use. I haven’t used it yet but at this rate I am not impressed 😡!PS: Am trying it now. After taking a few minutes to figure out the 3 step process of starting the dang thing, I can only do about 2.5 rows of my small lawn before emptying the small catcher☹️! And then having to do the 3 steps each time😥. At this rate it will take me forever to do my tiny yard😖! PPS: Got only 1/3rd of my small yard done before battery died!😡 Not a happy customer at this point🥴!! PPPS: It has now taken me 5 FIVE days to mow 1 small lawn as I was always having to stop to empty small catcher bag and having to recharge the battery!😖. I have 1 tiny section left to mow but battery said “uh oh”, ain’t got it in me!!”🤪😡😡😡

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