Rock&Rocker Upgraded 3000PSI Pressure Washer

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Rock&Rocker HWT24E
Rock&Rocker Upgraded 3000PSI Pressure Washer, 2.5GPM Portable Electric Power Washer with 360° Spinner Wheels, 4 Quick Connect Nozzles Foam Cannon for Car/Patio/Deck/Home Cleaning

The Rock&Rocker Upgraded 3000PSI Pressure Washer, 2.5GPM Portable Electric Power Washer with 360  Spinner Wheels, 4 Quick Connect Nozzles Foam Cannon is perfect for those who want a powerful, portable pressure washer that can handle a variety of jobs. This machine has a 3000PSI pressure rating and comes with a 4 Quick Connect Nozzles Foam Cannon that makes it easy to clean your surfaces quickly and easily. The 360  Spinner Wheels make this machine very maneuverable, and the overall design makes it easy to store.

The upgraded 3000PSI pressure washer with 360 spinner wheels can handle larger jobs quickly and easily – 4 quick connect nozzles provide flexibility when cleaning different areas – The foam cannon attachment has a large spray area that covers large areas quickly and easily – The power cord is long enough to reach most areas – This electric power washer is easy to move from one area to another
A powerful portable pressure washer with 360-degree spinner wheels
Portable power Washer is perfect for home cleaning
Rock&Rocker Upgraded 3000PSI Pressure Washer
Portable Electric Power Washer with 360 Spinner Wheels
4 Quick Connect Nozzles Foam Cannon for Car Patio Deck Home Cleaning

Essential Information Of Rock&Rocker HWT24E

Product Model HWT24E
Product Dimensions 23.5 x 15 x 13.4 inches
Product Weight 20 pounds
Product Manufacturer Rock&Rocker
Product Country of Origin China

All You Gotta Know About Rock&Rocker HWT24E

This pressure washer is suitable for many purposes, such as cleaning windows, decks, and different areas of the house. Pressure washers offer the answer for just about any cleansing challenge! Barbecue grills pergolas and firepits playground equipment furniture and clothing air conditioners Quench water coolers and air conditioners and vehicle ramps hardwood basements and decks and patios backyard decks and spas lantern sconces and window blinds furniture fabrics and upholstery vinyl composite trim and decking furniture carpeting and carpeting materials flooring materials home exteriors plaster and drywall paint and painting ink and toner print cartridges and shipping selectthroughoutcomposite trim and decking shipped items 5,000 and under in some areas select items outselect one throughout composite exterior trim and decking sold through select items.

4.2Expert Score
Easy to assemble
This was a replacement as first product had a defective pressure hose and I was unable to reach Paxcess as the third party despite the warranty. AMAZON PROMPTLY REPLACED COMPLETE PRODUCT & was delivered in ONE business day. Our concrete was FILTHY. This power washer was easy to set up using manual and VERY easy to use. Washes AMAZING for the price compared to the more expensive washers. VERY, VERY PLEASED WITH AMAZON CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Top Customer Reviews for Rock&Rocker HWT24E

Jeff H rated Rock&Rocker HWT24E 4 out of 5 stars on May 8, 2022 and this is exact feedback provided:

Better than I had feared.

I bought this unit to clean the driveway and sidewalks, wash the house, and clean the cars. Was worried as I bought the less powerful model and hoped it had enough power to do the concrete.The unit was easy to assemble. It is a mostly plastic unit, even the spray gun and wand. This is not a heavy duty unit. Be aware of that if you buy this. The wheels are plastic and can be locked to keep the unit from moving if you want it to. The electrical cord to the unit has a GFI built into it to help prevent electrical shock.The spray gun and wand attach to the unit with a holder mounted near the side. The hose can be would around two other pieces for this purpose. The unit comes with a soap dispenser that attached tot he spray gun where the wans connects. Simply disconnect the wand and connect the soap unit.It came with four nozzles with 0, 15, 25, and 45 degree angle heads. A black one also came with it but it has such a large opening it would be good for rinsing something, but that is about it. The wand has a common nozzle quick connect attachment. This is another reason I bought this unit as it uses the standard nozzles rather than having them all built into the wand. If this wand breaks, i believe I can just go by another to use in its place. There is no place on the unit to store the nozzles. I plan to find a net bag that I can tie to the handle on the unit.I had trouble attaching my water hose to the unit. Closer inspection revealed I had two gaskets in the pressure washer water inlet, and that was keeping the threads from the hose from making good contact to start the attachment. I simply pulled one rubber gasket out with my thumb and it was good to go.The unit is not loud at all when in operation. It has a 93 decibel warning sticker on it, but it really does not seem that loud at all. It shuts off when you release the trigger to save power. You can hear it in the video. The water being used makes more noise than the unit does.Based on my needs and expectations, I am very pleased so far. I bought the three year warranty from Amazon just in case, and the price was very reasonable.

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Boomz85 rated Rock&Rocker HWT24E 1 out of 5 stars on March 4, 2022 and this is exact feedback provided:

Trash water gun at best

This is the biggest POS I’ve ever used as far as pressure washing.Called customer service, did everything by the book and even they gave me the instructions on how to return this thing; I pee harder then this blows. So now I have 4 large rugs and a few small dog beds all in my garage so now one steals them as the plan was to let them dry in the sun after a wash.Not to mention it worked in 10 second spurts no matter how long I let the water and motor run.Get to drag this thru kohls tomorrow

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