Lift your lawn mower to new heights with this pro-lifT jack!

The Pro-LifT Lawn Mower Lift Jack is a heavy duty jack that will help you lift your zero turn mower or tractor.

Pro-LifT Lawn Mower Lift Jack – 350 Lbs Capacity for Tractors and Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

This lawn mower lift jack is perfect for tractors and zero turn lawn mowers. It has a capacity of 350 lbs and the lift height is adjustable from 25.5" to 45.5". The lifting arm is also extendable, so you can easily lift your equipment. It's made of heavy-duty steel construction with a powder coat finish, so it's tough and durable. Plus, it's easy to use; just place the jack under the equipment, crank the handle, and you're good to go. This jack makes it easy to work on your lawn mower or tractor, and it helps to prevent back injuries.

350 lbs capacity can easily lift most tractors and zero turn lawn mowers
Pivoting head for easy maneuverability
Telescoping handle for a variety of heights
Ergonomic design for easy use
Durable construction for long lasting use

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This t-5335a lift is a 350 lbs. and homemade lift that is capable of lifting garden maintenance supplies from ground level to the mower seat, allowing you to maintain lawn mowers safely. It is comprised of heavy welded steel construction with the four × large steel wheels and the positive dual locking security latches, which also features the hydraulic foot pedal operation, as well as enabling you to raise and raise up your lawnmower easily. With the ability to lower the riding height, users can put the mower in neutral and raise the lift platform to disengage height locking levers, then with the universal design. Specifications         capacity  350 lbs.  Lifting height  23 inch  Wheel span  40-3 4 to 49-3 8 inches   Item weight  55 lbs.  Pro lift T-5335a lawn mower lift is backed by a year from the date of the original buy.

4.4Expert Score
Easy to assemble
This is the absolute best price I have seen anywhere. $50 cheaper than every other retailer. I have a 52" Hustler Raptor that weighs over 500 lbs. However, the front end is not even half the weight and this lift had zero issues lifting it for annual maintenance or spraying off the deck. The lift takes the deck up far enough that I can easily lay under it with my impact to remove the blades. The only issue I see is the safety catch. It relies on holes cut into the frame. I just wouldn't trust this alone. I slip jack stands in as a precaution.

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Cortona rated 5 out of 5 stars on October 4, 2017 and this is exact feedback provided:

Did the job; a few tips for use…

I bought this because I'm 67 years old and can't lift big stuff anymore nor jury-rig something to substitute for safely. I had to change the blades and install a mulcher kit on a John Deere Z335E zero turn 42 inch mower. I'm handy with tools. I was able to assemble it in about 30 minutes out of the box, no missing parts or misalignment of holes for screws/bolts. It comes with 4 little wheels so it can be driven to the right spot for the mower. I drove the mower on, put on the parking brake, chocked the back wheels, then jacked up to the max (2 ft?), ENSURED THAT BOTH ANGLE JAMS (I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO CALL THEM BUT THERE ARE TWO "JAMS" THAT FIT INTO SLOTS TO LOCK IN HEIGHTS.) BE CAREFUL, WHEN I FIRST DID IT, ONE WAS "IN" ONE WAS "OUT" . WITH MINOR TEASING, BOTH EASILY SEATED. Then I released the pressure on the bottle jack so it rested on the "stops" then retightened the release on the bottle jack to ensure that if the stops slipped, the jack would still hold. RETIGHTEN AS A SAFETY PRECAUTION. I worked under the mower for about 1+ hrs without any issues arising, lowered it by pumping it up a bit to release the "stops" then foot pedaling the stop into the locked position, then gently unscrewed the bottle jack relief valve, standing to the side, because as the mower lowered, the entire jack rolled a bit backwards to compensate for the height. It mostly folds but not entirely flat…sticks out about a foot when stood up from the wall… I don't normally write reviews but this is a decent product for the price. Paint job very thick so that I'm hoping that it won't rust too quickly in the shed. Good product…

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Ctjr rated 1 out of 5 stars on August 9, 2018 and this is exact feedback provided:

How to make jack come down after turning valve to let it DOWN !!!!!!!

I brought this lift June 25th. I put it together June 29TH. And then I jacked it up with my lawn mower on it. The dam thing is still up !!!! I turned the valve to make it come down. It came down 1 inch. It's still there. I have had people look at it. Nobody knows how to make it come down. Tried the web. NO HELP. I cannot even find were to buy a new jack for it. A regular jack will not fit. It has a round eye at the top to hook on lift. Plus 2 screw holds on bottom for mounting. I finally got this jack fixed. I took it to a mechanic shop. Rate $85.00 pr hour. They charged me 1/2 hour, $42.50 to fix it. I talked to the mechanic that fixed it. All he had to do was pour all the fluid out. Then he put the proper amount back in. Works fine now. I still would not buy this lift again. Buy it and your are on your own !!!!!!

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