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A zeolite-based application for a professional air filter for hassle-free utilization. Refer to the instruction manual for troubleshooting details.

Husqvarna 967144301
Husqvarna 360BT 65.6cc 2-Cycle Gas 890 CFM 232 MPH Backpack Leaf Blower

This backpack leaf blower is a powerful tool that can help make yard work much easier. It has an impressive 890 CFM of air flow, which means it can move a lot of leaves and debris in a short amount of time. It also reaches speeds of up to 232 MPH, so you can quickly clear away even the heaviest piles of leaves. And because it’s backpack-style, it’s comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time.

2-cycle gas engine for easy starting and less emissions
Low noise levels for a more pleasant blowing experience
Handle mounted throttle and cruise control for easy operation
Select between blowing and vacuuming modes
Tool-less access to the air filter and spark plug for easy maintenance
Husqvarna 360BT: Powerhouse Backpack Leaf Blower

Vital Information Of Husqvarna 967144301

Product Model 967144301
Product Dimensions 21.75 x 21.25 x 21 inches
Product Weight 23.2 pounds
Product Manufacturer Husqvarna

All You Need To Know About Husqvarna 967144301

The Husqvarna 360BT commercial-style backpack blower is designed for rugged conditions. An X-torq engine and good fuel efficiency make it well suited for challenging jobs. High air speed plus a large airflow value provide strong power for many applications. Comfortable, wide shoulder straps and an adjustable handle with cruise control allow for precise control of the blower. A zeolite-based application for a professional air filter for hassle-free utilization. Refer to the instruction manual for troubleshooting details.

4.7Expert Score
Easy to use
As posted by other owners, this blower is a monster (it does enjoy gulping fuel however) .. i should have purchased it 30 years ago when i bought the house .. i’m sorry i wasted my money on the EGO 575 blower, which is OK for small jobs but nowhere near compares to this 360BT ! .. P.S. buy the Husqvarna hearing protectors too .. it is also very comfortable to ‘wear’ with the cushy shoulder pads & waist belt .. buy the six pack of Husky oil too at the same time and extend your warranty from 2 to 3 years!

Top Customer Reviews for Husqvarna 967144301

William I. rated Husqvarna 967144301 4 out of 5 stars on February 11, 2021 and this is exact feedback provided:

It’s fine but if you’re like me, you’re gonna need…..more power.

I’ve owned this blower for three years and have been using it at my last two homes which are under an acre. It has plenty of power for basic applications like yard clean up, cleaning out the garage and a little snow blowing (if you catch it before it refreezes). I was pretty happy with it and had no real complaints. That was until my neighbor bought the Husqvarna 550 which is designed for commercial landscapers, etc. It has waaaaay more power than he needs and it’s just plain overkill. so, he’s an idiot for spending that much on a leaf blower. The problem was that he made fun of my ‘homeowner’ model and it’s inferior power. So I had no choice but to buy the Husqvarna 570 and then demonstrate it’s superior power by removing some peeling paint from the backside of his house. Yes, I wasted over $1000 and now have TWO leaf blowers that I don’t really need; But what’s important here is that he’s once again my B**ch and balance has been restored to the Force.

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TB12FAN rated Husqvarna 967144301 1 out of 5 stars on November 10, 2019 and this is exact feedback provided:


Purchased in August in anticipation of the upcoming fall leaf pick up. Used it a few times for about a total of 45 minutes just to try it out and was quite impressed with its power. I was actually looking forward to the fall as I thought it would make picking up the leaves on our 1.25 acre yard much easier than our prior undersized blower. Took it out about a month ago and it wouldn’t start. Not even a bit. Took it to a local authorized dealer who quickly diagnosed the problem and contacted Husqvarna for the part. Two weeks later Husqvarna told them that they couldn’t locate the part but that they would take one out of production. A week later I had my blower back. In the meantime I had to do the yard without the benefit of a blower which made me a very grumpy guy. But now with my “new” and supposedly repaired blower back I went out this morning to tackle a yard FULL of leaves. It started right up and worked like a champ for about 15 minutes and then it was as if someone had simply cut the power to the unit in an instant. It just died. Tried to restart with no luck. Let it rest of a hour and tried again. No luck. By the way, I’ve ONLY used the Husqvarna pre-mixed fuel so I know that’s not the issue. I’m incredibly frustrated and disappointed. At this point I would either like a replacement or my money back. I’m done with this particular unit.

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