Introducing the SOYUS Weed Wacker Battery Powered 12 Inch Electric Weed Eater!

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SOYUS Weed Wacker Battery Powered 12 Inch Electric Weed Eater 20v Cordless String Trimmer, 2 Pcs 2.0Ah Battery Weed Trimmer Edger, Lightweight Grass Trimmer with 8 Pcs Replacement Spool Trimmer Lines

The SOYUS 20v Weed Wacker Battery Powered String Trimmer is perfect for anyone who is looking for a lightweight and easy to use weed eater. With a 12 inch cutting width and 20 volt battery, this trimmer can handle just about any job you throw at it. The 2.0Ah battery provides plenty of power for lengthy trimming sessions, and the automatic feed line system ensures that you won’t have to worry about getting your hand dirty. Whether you’re looking for an easy to use weed eater that can take on most jobs or want a trimmer that is lightweight and has plenty of power, the SOYUS 20v Weed Wacker Battery Powered String Trimmer is the perfect choice.

Easily cut through dense grass -Lightweight and easy to use -Cordless power and easy to operate -2.0Ah battery provides long runtime -8 Replacement spool trimmer lines
weed eater 2 batteries pack-grass trimmer with 8 line spools
new weed eater battery powered-soyus 20v electric string trimmer
Introducing the SOYUS Weed Wacker Battery Powered 12 Inch Electric Weed Eater!
The Best Cordless Grass Trimmer for the Money – 20v SOYUS Weed Wacker!
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Vital Information Of SOYUS

Product Color Green
Product Weight 6 pounds
Product Manufacturer SOYUS

Everything About SOYUS

Built-in ergonomic friendly handle, simple to adjust-button placement, and no-fatigue trim in tight spaces without bending down allowed you to dare to fearlessly operate even in tight spaces with this nonslip rubber-covered handle.

5Expert Score
Looks fantastic
I have looked at a bunch of cordless string trimmers and this by far is the lightest. I have been looking for one to replace my Wife’s electric string trimmer and I think I just found it. It cuts really good and I like all the features and no cords to drag around. the battery’s seam to last long enough for my yard work. fence line on1/4 acre. I like the guard at the front. It kept me from hitting my wooden fence.

Top Customer Reviews for SOYUS

Kelli rated SOYUS 5 out of 5 stars on August 14, 2022 and this is exact feedback provided:

Great weed eater

This thing functions as you would expect a weed eater to function. I think what sets it apart and makes it a great value are the extras included.To begin with, you get two batteries and the charger. Having two batteries available means never having to wait until one is charged to be able to work on the lawn. I keep one battery on charge at all times and switch it out each time I use the weed eater.It also comes with 8 replacement spools of trimmer line. The convenience of having a replacement on hand cannot be understated for me. I can’t tell you how many times a weed eater has sat unused in my garage simply because I could never remember to buy more line.The guide wheels on this are nice. I’ve never had a trimmer with guide wheels on it, and it’s a pain to try and keep the trimmer head consistently off of the ground and not eat through the line. Having wheels to support the edging function means less strain on your neck and shoulders and no chance of accidentally dropping and losing all your line.Overall, I think this is a good value. It works well, the battery life is good, and the accessories make your job easier.

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