Greenworks Pro cordless leaf blower is powerful enough to take on any job

The axial leaf blower design moves air in a straight line, making it more powerful and easier to use than other designs.

Sunrise Global Marketing, BL80L2510
Greenworks Pro 80V (145 MPH / 580 CFM) Brushless Cordless Axial Leaf Blower, 2.5Ah Battery and Charger Included BL80L2510

The Greenworks Pro 80V Brushless Cordless Axial Leaf Blower is a powerful and efficient tool that can clear debris quickly and easily. The brushless motor ensures smooth and consistent operation, while the 80V battery provides plenty of power. The included 2.5Ah battery and charger make it easy to get started right away. The blower is also ergonomically designed for comfortable use, making it easy to get the job done.

The Greenworks Pro 80V (145 MPH   580 CFM) Brushless Cordless Axial Leaf Blower is the perfect tool to keep your yard clean and free of debris.
The blower is powered by a brushless motor, which means it runs longer and with more power than traditional motors.
The 80V battery gives you up to 45 minutes of run time on a single charge, making it perfect for big jobs.
The axial leaf blower design moves air in a straight line, making it more powerful and easier to use than other designs.
The included 2.5Ah battery and charger let you start using the blower right away.
Greenworks Pro 80V leaf blower lets you blow through debris with ease
Greenworks Pro brushless cordless axial leaf bl

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Product Model BL80L2510
Product Dimensions 45 x 10.43 x 15.6 inches
Product Weight 10 pounds
Product Manufacturer Sunrise Global Marketing, LLC

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I can take this tool from sprints to fast, powerful journeys that completely clear leaves, grass, and other tough roughage, propelling me to superior heights with its 145 mph top speed and 580 cubic-foot airflow. The greenworks line includes more than 20 high-performance professional 80V tools, allowing me to do away with my fuel machines and switch over to an innovative, environmentally sound alternative.

4.6Expert Score
Easy to use
I am a 72 year old, arthritic old man, suffering with weakness and pain especially in my wrists and shoulders. I just completed my maiden trial of the Greenworks 580 CFM Blower. I am beaming from ear to ear! Not only is this tool light, comfortable, powerful, but gets the job done quickly and lasts Manufacturers stated run time. Purchased the chainsaw also. Both tools came with batteries and chargers. New I would want to have a backup battery. The battery also charged in a little over 30 minutes. Meanwhile I popped the other battery in and had some more fun! Great tool! Even blew the frozen leaves that were stuck in the grass! Long Live Greenworks.

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KrisS rated Sunrise Global Marketing, BL80L2510 5 out of 5 stars on December 4, 2017 and this is exact feedback provided:

Nice controls, great power, great battery capacity.

I purchased this as an upgrade to the prior version. I would say the flow is about the same (particularly if you carefully use a side cutter to remove the smallest screen bars on the rear air intake of the old version).However, it is still a satisfying upgrade because of the controls and greater battery capacity. The on/off button is gone, and the speed is easily regulated by the instant-on trigger and the turbo button. The turbo button must be held for greatest power, however, most purposes do not require full power.There is a “cruise control” lever too. It is easy to engage but awkward to disengage.The side/bottom intake ports prevent my shirt from getting sucked in as it does on the old model.I appreciate the two-piece nozzle. I often used the old model without, and the half nozzle is just right for blowing large volumes of loose leaves.As I mentioned in my review of the old model, this is at least as powerful as my old gas powered blower.Good work GreenWorks engineers!If you appreciate my review, please click the Yes button below.

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Shirley M. Smith rated Sunrise Global Marketing, BL80L2510 1 out of 5 stars on August 12, 2020 and this is exact feedback provided:

Beware, warranty may not be honored

I was purposely waiting to write a review until I had a chance to use the blower for an extended period of time. I bought mine in October of 2018.I think the blower product is excellent. It is extremely convenient to use. No gas. No power chords. Just go. I also think the engineering of the product is excellent. It is well balanced, goes together quickly and easily, and its features such as “cruise control” are very intuitive. I really liked the product.Then, after about a year and a half, my charger’s LED would turn red when charging my battery. Shortly after that, my battery’s life went down to 4 minutes of use per charge. I sent emails to Greenworks inquiring about the warranty with no response. I then waited on their help line for a long time to get through. (The line was regularly over 200 people long.) When they said they would do a callback if I left my number, they did not. Finally, I was able to get through to a human. They agreed that the battery was faulty and under warranty. Then the service rep came back and said that they could not honor it because I got it through a “third party” on amazon. I’ve seen no limitation on the warranty that states that the warranty is only honored by specific sellers. I would love to see the list and see where it is published. I feel that I have been mislead. I’m going to keep trying to get them to honor the warranty as it is published on-line and in my users manual. But, before you buy this, you might want to do an investigation of whether or not it will be covered.Basically the tool became worthless after a year and a half. The sad part about this is that I really like the tool. And, had they honored the warranty, I would have bought more Greenworks equipment. I am now going to give EGO a try.

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