Greenworks 13 Amp corded electric lawn mower is perfect for your home!

Greenworks, 13-amp, 21-inch 3-in-1, rear bag, mulch or side discharge, converts easily from rear bag to mulch or side discharge. Greenworks, mower model  25112.

Sunrise Global Marketing, 25112AZ
Greenworks 21-Inch 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25112

The Greenworks 21-inch 13 Amp corded electric lawn mower is perfect for small to medium-sized yards. It features a durable steel blade that can mulch and bag your grass clippings. The mower also has an adjustable height deck so you can customize the cutting height to your needs. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it perfect for anyone who wants an environmentally friendly and hassle-free way to take care of their lawn.

The Greenworks 21-Inch 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower is perfect for small to medium sized yards-
The mower has a single lever height adjustment that makes it easy to change the cutting height-
The mower is lightweight and easy to maneuver, which makes it easy to use-
The mower has a bagging system that collects grass clippings and leaves for easy disposal-
The mower also has a mulching system that chops up the clippings into tiny pieces so they can be left on the lawn to decompose and provide nutrients for the grass.
Greenworks 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower:

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Product Model 25112AZ
Product Dimensions 31.5 x 17.2 x 23.2 inches
Product Weight 53.1 pounds
Product Manufacturer Sunrise Global Marketing, LLC
Product Country of Origin China

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Greenworks, 13 amp, 21-inch 3-in-1, rear bag, mulch or side discharge, can easily be converted from rear bag to mulch or side discharge electric lawn mower, model  25112.

4.4Expert Score
Safety Features
This lawnmower is a BEAST. My lawn was overgrown by a month and a half and this lawnmower didn’t even flinch. Perfect size for a moderate sized yard, very powerful and super easy to assemble. It actually comes completely assembled minus one handle section you need to attach. The batteries lasted at least 45 minutes, possibly longer. It also stores upright and takes up little space. Highly recommend!

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Arc212 rated Sunrise Global Marketing, 25112AZ 5 out of 5 stars on October 11, 2014 and this is exact feedback provided:

An engineer’s review

Edit 8/15/2017 – I’m updating this to 5 stars because even given the issues below, I would buy this product again over any competitors I could find in this product category. I’ve used this for 4 years now and it still works the same as it did new. I remarked below on poor cut quality in some scenarios where blade speed can fall too low which is still a problem, but this really only occurs when mulching. Cutting thick or tall grass with the discharge open improves the pace and cut quality in this scenario but there are limitations, mowing fields is still going to produce a crappy cut no matter what you use.Let’s get a few things out of the way, these do not impact the product score, as they are common to all products in this category:1. This is a corded mower. Dealing with the cord is sometimes a pain. If you have a lot of trees or obstacles you may want to consider something else.2. Maximum power is limited to a 120V outlet and what can safely make it out an extension cord (about 1650W, for reference 1HP is ~745W).3. With no batteries to wear out or engines to refuel/re oil, this is very cheap to operate. Running this mower at peak output generally costs 8-25c/hour. You also hit an advantage in purchase price as gas or cordless units with the same features generally cost 50-100% more.4. Short of hitting something, bogging down an electric motor generally allows it to produce more power and speed back up again (unlike a gasoline engine).So, what’s good about this? Well:1. 21″ Steel deck. The actual blade is 19.5″ leaving you a little less than an inch on either side of the deck that won’t be cut. You can get a much closer cut with this than the B&D plastic models that have a very thick plastic housing. It’s also going to survive rocks/sticks much better than the plastic ones. Both the discharge cover and bag seem to attach easily and solidly. It also makes it look more like a lawn mower and less like a big kid’s toy.2. Light (85%) and could be designed for peak power much closer to the ideal blade speed.Here’s the specs on the motor, some were given others were hand calculated.Globe 7080 series (120VDC)Voltage 120VDCNo-Load RPM 4490 RPMNo-Load Current 2.0A (provided) 1.16A (measured)Stall Torque 7.316nmStall Current 26.0ATorque Const 0.305nm/ASpeed Const 37.4 RPM/VoltMax Efficiency 68%Torque 1.61 nmSpeed 3500 RPMCurrent 7.3 APower Output 590 WBlade Tip Speed 17868 FPMMaximum Power (assume 50% full stall torque)Torque 3.658 nmSpeed 2245 RPMCurrent 11.99 A (+2A no load) – 14APower In 1680 WPower Out 860 WCalc Eff 51.2%Blade Tip Speed 11460 FPM

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geraldo yescas rated Sunrise Global Marketing, 25112AZ 1 out of 5 stars on July 27, 2021 and this is exact feedback provided:

It’s not worth the 300 plus dollar if it come with bad batteries and charger

It’s a good mower had no problems with the mower but the batteries and charger are faulty I noticed the batteries would drain quickly after mowing for the third time using it I called the manufacturer to get batteries replaced and was told that I would receive two new batteries and a charger been waiting for a month still nothing called support for help the agent hung up on me so I had to wait two hours to talk with someone else but I was hunged up on while i was waiting for someone to help me with the battery problem.

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