Get Your Greenworks 40V20 Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower Today!

The easy-to-use controls make it simple to navigate around your lawn.

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The Greenworks 40V 20″ Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower is a great choice for customers who are looking for an affordable, yet quality lawn mower. This model features a 4.0Ah battery and charger included, which makes it easy and convenient to get started. Additionally, the cordless design allows users to easily move around the yard without having to worry about pesky cords. With this lawn mower, users will be able to enjoy hassle-free cutting performance and long-lasting battery life.

This lawnmower is powerful and easy to use, perfect for smaller gardens or yards.
It has a 4.0Ah battery and charger included, so you can start cutting right away.
The 40V motor provides plenty of power for even the most stubborn patches of grass.
The easy-to-use controls make it simple to navigate around your lawn.
Greenworks 40V 20
Brushless Lawn Mower – The Upgrade
Get Your Greenworks 40V20 Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower Today!
For an Even Easier Maintenance hassle, Get a Greenworks

Vital Information Of Sunrise Global Marketing, MO40L410

Product Model MO40L410
Product Dimensions 61 x 21 x 42 inches
Product Weight 60 pounds
Product Manufacturer Sunrise Global Marketing, LLC

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Get prepared for the upcoming spring with green works 40v max cordless battery system. This energy-­efficient cordless device provides all you require to tackle your landscaping project. You can ditch the gas Can this season and go green  no fumes, no mixing, no maintenance, and no pull cords. Save time and money by going green this season with green works; let’s apply the work, out of yard work errands. Note – this mower is not self-propelled. Compatible with Greenworks g-max 40v li-ion system that is energized by more than 25 tools. 2-in-1 function offers versatile usage with mulching and bagging features.

4.4Expert Score
Easy to assemble
I bought this mower a few months ago from Menards when it is was not yet available from Amazon. On the whole it is a great mower. The motor has plenty of power to cut even thick grass and it is really quiet. But you will need a second battery unless you have a really small yard. I also like that the handle folds down and locks. This makes the mower easy to pick up with the folded handle and put into a vehicle for transport. A couple minor design issues that are annoying: The side discharge shoot is not really held on securely and will come off if you bump into anything with it. I know I am probably old fashioned to even use it, but I don’t like bothering with a bag and using it in mulching mode slows it down and uses up the battery too fast.

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-Lu rated Sunrise Global Marketing, MO40L410 5 out of 5 stars on November 13, 2017 and this is exact feedback provided:

Loving my refurb Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

I bought this item as a refurb from Amazon. I have it for a week and a half and I really needed this as it’s been two weeks since my grass was cut and I have a very tough HOA in SC. For one thing, I am extremely satisfied by the refurb as there is NO physical damage to the product. It was well packaged, I didn’t care that it wasn’t in original manufacturer box as the box was thrown out anyway. The order came with a battery so make sure you read carefully before you purchase the item unless you already have batteries. I have .36 acres, front is slightly sloped and side of the property is flat, the backyard is on a 40/45 degree slope. Battery lasted 35 minutes to take care of front and side with 1 battery light remaining. I didn’t do the back yard, see my separate review as I purchased a secondary battery. My list of pros and cons about this item, no specific order.Pros1. Price was perfect for a refurb with a battery2. Light enough to push up and down a hill as this unit is not self propelled3. No need to worry about gas and oil mixtures (Had gas lawn mower in the past)4. Storage is great as it stands on the inside wall of my garage5. Mulcher option is better than my previous gas mower6. Much quieter than a gas engine mower, I mowed my lawn after 6pm and my family could not hear it inside the houseCons1. Better get a second battery, not much but just wanted to specify as I have .36 acres2. Battery takes 2 hours to charge (40v 4Ah 123Kw), again, not a deal breaker for me as I purchased a second battery3. Removal of the battery is a major hassle, others have also mentioned this.

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JC rated Sunrise Global Marketing, MO40L410 1 out of 5 stars on September 3, 2018 and this is exact feedback provided:


UPDATING ON 5-3-2020. DO NOT BUY THIS MOWER!. The battery doesn’t last but about 15 minutes. It takes me several days just to cut my lawn because I get a small section done and then the battery has to charge again for more than an hour. I am not spending another 100 or so for a second battery, but even two batteries still wouldn’t be good enough. This lawnmower is a nightmare. I spent about $350 for it and I couldn’t resell it in good conscience. I also have to tie a string around the battery because it is impossible to get out of the lawnmower battery holder. Lawnmowers are not supposed to be this difficult. it has low ratings. Here is my original review: . I bought this last summer and only put it together to use this summer. i have an average size lawn. It takes four battery charges to cut the lawn. It takes an hour in between for the battery to recharge. So it takes you ALL DAY to cut your lawn with battery recharge disruptions. I can buy an expensive second battery, but it is still problematic. HERE IS THE WORST THING: IT IS ALL BUT IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE THE BATTERY FROM THE LAWNMOWER TO TAKE IT OUT TO RECHARGE. plan on a solid five minutes of struggling with the battery to get it out. Plan on injured fingernails broken and bent back trying to get it out. Plan on it being painful and excruciating trying to get the battery out of the lawnmower to recharge. The manufacturer stupidly has no kind of release button to release the battery and you will struggle with it in a very narrow space trying to pull this heavy battery out with gravity against you. And if you have to go through changing the batteries four times in one lawn cut it is insane. I am already thinking about how I can unload this lawnmower on to someone with the patience to put up with all this. I will take a huge financial loss on it just to dump it. So the big issue with this mower is all about the batteries. The charge does not last (the square footage it lasts for is a joke), and the battery is excruciatingly impossible to take out of the lawnmower to recharge. And the battery takes about an hour to recharge. Even if you do buy the second battery there is the issue of trying to get the darn battery out in order to recharge it. My 34 year old son-in-law literally gave up in trying to get the battery out. He cut the lawn for the small area it worked for before the fully charged battery died, and after more than five minutes of trying to extract the battery out of the lawnmower to recharge it he gave up, looked at me and said “i’m done with this thing, it’s a joke”. RUN! SAVE YOURSELVES! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Unfortunately, I bought this with only a handful of reviews at the time and this concern was not yet identified. I really don’t know what this company was thinking with the lack of ease in which to remove the battery from the lawnmower. This is a no brainer and it never should have made it to manifacture. Let’s see. I only have about 40 minutes to wait until the battery is charged again now until i can go out and cut another small section and come back in and recharge the battery.

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