Get the power of a gas blower without the noise with this Greenworks cordless model

Greenworks 40-volt (150 mph) cordless leaf blower, 4Wh battery power and charger included, model 24212.

Sunrise Global Marketing, 24212
Greenworks 40V (150 MPH / 135 CFM) Cordless Leaf Blower, 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Included

This Greenworks cordless leaf blower is a powerful tool that can clear debris quickly. It has a 150 mph air speed and a 135 cfm airflow rating, making it perfect for tackling large areas. The 4.0 ah battery provides plenty of power, and the included charger ensures that the battery is always ready to go. This leaf blower is easy to use and easy to handle, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a hassle-free way to clear leaves and debris.

The Greenworks 40V Cordless Leaf Blower produces 150 MPH of wind speed and 135 CFM of air volume to quickly clear debris from your yard
The 4.0Ah battery provides up to 45 minutes of runtime on a full charge, so you can finish the job without interruption
The included charger quickly restores power to the battery, so you can get back to work in no time
The lightweight and ergonomic design makes it easy to use for extended periods of time
This leaf blower is backed by a 4-year warranty

Primary Information Of Sunrise Global Marketing, 24212

Product Model 24212
Product Dimensions 19.09 x 7.48 x 10.82 inches
Product Weight 3.39 pounds
Product Manufacturer Sunrise Global Marketing, LLC

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Greenworks 40-volt (150 mph) cordless leaf blower, 4Wh battery power and charger included, model 24212.

4.4Expert Score
Easy to use
Got this yesterday. Charged battery and blew leaves off deck. Worked fine. Put battery in charger and sat down to read the manuals. When battery fully charged (flashing green goes solid) I removed the battery and pressed the condition test button. Only three of four LEDs lighted, indicating less than 75% charge. Called customer service this morning. Described problem. Had to read off model number and serial number of blower and battery and charger. CS Rep advised me that since it operated, I should just live with it. I explained to her I expected them to replace the defective battery/charger (can’t tell who’s lying and who’s telling the truth). She refused. So I’m returning it to Amazon as a defective unit and they’re shipping a new one. First order of business will be full charge of battery and check battery for four LEDs shining.

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A fellow Believer rated Sunrise Global Marketing, 24212 5 out of 5 stars on February 20, 2018 and this is exact feedback provided:

An impressive performer with some nice features

This review is for the JET Blower with battery and charger.I bought this package on Amazon in November of 2017 in a flash deal for about half of what it is selling for now,so I feel blessed to have gotten it for about 65 bucks.When I first received it,I installed the battery and it worked but I was disappointed at the lack of power.What I didn’t realize is that the battery didn’t have much juice initially so after a good charging the result was quite different,in a good way.This bad little boy rocks.It emits a high pitched whine(kind of like a jet turbine) and sounds weak but man can it throw out some wind.I can do both me and my neighbors front walks and driveways,which is a pretty big deal due to all the leaves that are constantly falling from the many trees nearby.I’m guesstimating that I’ve been getting around 25 minutes use from a full charge.It is lightweight and has some nice features like a comfortable grip and a switch that lets you run it without having to press the trigger all of the time.Kind of a cruise control.But what I REALLY like about it is the control of the airflow.After a few uses I learned that the trigger is very sensitive and that by smoothly moving my finger I can control the airspeed in a very precise manner.This is a really sweet feature when using around plants,shrubbery and places where there are alot of objects,like my back porch.I’ve never been able to do this with my other blowers and I like this feature very much.After a little practice I can blow just a leaf or two,or some small object without disturbing everything around it.Nice going Greenworks!The battery has 4 round lights that show how much juice is remaining in it.Recharge time is reasonable,I haven’t timed it but it usually takes about a half hour or so to fully recharge it after completely depleting it.While it’s charging(and at all times) you can push the button on the battery to see how much the battery is charged.I’ve gotten busy and left the battery in the charger for an hour or so a few times and from what I’ve read I shouldn’t do that so I’m going to try and monitor the charging process more closely in the future.I’ve had this blower for some months now and I am super happy with it.I do have my corded Toro(another great blower) for big jobs but this little Greenworks blower is perfect for times when I don’t want to haul the big boy out,and really,it does just about as well as the corded Toro and can even blow wet leaves if they aren’t too thickly stacked.I would buy this blower again in a heartbeat and plan to do so when this one gives out,which I hope is far into the future.I’ll post any updates if needed,but as of right now I’m very pleased with the quality,value and performance of this model.I was NOT compensated in any way for this review.Beware of compensated reviews and unverified purchase reviews.

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Trusted Reviewer rated Sunrise Global Marketing, 24212 3 out of 5 stars on November 6, 2017 and this is exact feedback provided:

First Impression

Update 6/7/2020: I’ve owned this a few years now, and while it still works fine, it’s become very difficult to remove the battery from the blower and/or charger. Each time a charge it, it’s a chore to get the batter out and I feel like I’m going to break it each time (that’s how much force it requires…. I’m not exactly sure when it began developing this problem, but I’ve been dealing with it for quite a while now and am ready to buy something else.Original review:I’d been considering purchasing a battery powered blower for some time now, so when I saw this as the “deal of the day” I figured it was that time.I already own a gas powered, backpack blower as I have a large corner lot; but wanted something smaller, lighter, and more convenient for small jobs like cleaning the porch and walkways after I mow, and this meets that need.I would not recommend this as a main landscape blower if you have an average or larger size suburban lot, with trees, but if you have a small yard with only a small tree or scrubs this may work for you.That said, it’s perfect for clearing debris from hard surfaces, like decks, patios, walkways, or carports.

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