Get more done in less time with this Ryobi rear engine riding lawn mower!

Versatile- this lawn mower can be used on a variety of terrains, so you can use it on your lawn, garden, or other outdoor spaces.

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This Ryobi 38″ Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower is perfect for anyone who wants a lawn mower that is easy to operate. It has a rear engine design which makes it easy to steer. You will appreciate the fact that this lawn mower is battery powered, so you don’t have to worry about any cords getting in your way. Plus, the 38″ cutting deck ensures that you can get the job done quickly.

Easy to use- the Ryobi 38″ Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower is perfect for those who are looking for an easy to use lawn mower. With no gas or oil required, it is easy to get started and operate.
Quiet operation- this lawn mower operates quietly, so you can mow your lawn without disturbing your neighbors.
mulches and bags clippings- the Ryobi 38″ Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower can mulch or bag your clippings, depending on what you need.
Versatile- this lawn mower can be used on a variety of terrains, so you can use it on your lawn, garden, or other outdoor spaces.
Ryobi lawn mower has no cords and doesn’t require stopping to refuel!
Get more done in less time with this Ryobi rear engine riding lawn mower!
This Ryobi lawn mower runs on a 38

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Product Model RY48110
Product Manufacturer RyobiOne+

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Remove the gas and fumes from cutting your yard with the bladeless ryobi 48-volt riding lawnmower. Powered by 75Ah batteries and with 2 hours of run time, it is a green alternative to traditional 48-volt riding lawn mowers. The RYOBI 48-volt riding lawn mower comes equipped with 38-inch 2-blade deck and 12 position manual deck adjustment, which allow you to get a clean, level cut from your lawn. This Ryobi 48-volt riding mower is equipped with LED lights, a USB charger and a cruise control feature, which makes it as convenient and efficient as possible to mow your lawn. High maintenance without being plugged into a wall, spark plugs, or filters, battery-operated, no gas, fumes, charge and go, up to 2 hours of runtime, five to six acres per charge, dual extremely high powered brushless motors, quiet cutting, cruise control, USB charging, LED headlights, 12-position manual deck adjustment, 38 inches in height, 2-blade deck, charges through a standard 120-volt outlet.

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Absolutely perfect
**Update for the 23rd season of use, read 215nd season failure down below**Last year we worked with Ryobi support all summer (22600 months in Montana) to get this lawn ornament running again. Eventually, they got the parts shipped to the repair person they took a month to find. We had to remind them every time to actually send the parts. It was a bad master fuse and a bad drive controller. The mower eventually worked again and we mowed about 4 times before putting it away and plugging it in for storage. This spring we went to take it out, and didn’t have any power. No lights come on with the key, the charger also doesn’t provide any light codes. Just like last year. Ryobi support is friendly if you go through their review team, contacting support directly is useless.

Top Customer Reviews for RyobiOne+ RY48110

vytas p rated RyobiOne+ RY48110 4 out of 5 stars on September 20, 2018 and this is exact feedback provided:

We don’t use this tractor the same way as most.

We don’t use this tractor the same way as most. I’m a Park Ranger of a 91 acre suburban woodland park and use it mostly for hauling. Hauling tools and moving dirt/gravel, trees and stuff for our events. We’ve had it in service since May 2017 and have used it over 103 hours.The mowing deck in only used 3 to 4 times a year for about a half acre of grass, most of the time it remains in storage.We added front and back racks for tool transportation and have added supplemental lighting. There is amber front and red rear and side marker lights (because we travel on regular roads sometimes) additionally, we added additional front white lights along with a telescoping flood light in the back and wired it to the USB (incoming) 12v power.Pros:Very quiet: visitors to our park come out to get away from the hustle of everyday life.Hauls over 1200 lbs of gravel in (2) four wheel wagons pulled in tandem, along with my considerable weight up and down our dirt/gravel/rocks/roots walking trails without an ounce of complaint.Battery lasts 10ish hours without mowing deck. We thought the battery meter was broken until we drove it for 8-9 hours (hoping we’d not get stuck in the woods)Good speed, goes about 8mph.Good conversation starterCons:No suspension: traveling on uneven grass, or as we do trails, is bone jarring. We’ve experimented with lower pressure in the tires and that helps a bit. Seat has a spring but it’s not nearly enough.Traction: there are limitations with the 2wd and 2 wheel brakes, but traction is not too bad when hauling (except in the snow – zero)Steering rack squeaks: tried to lube with grease which helped, but it’s still annoying sometimes.Software: accelerator needs getting used to, sometimes it doesn’t respond at all for 5-10 seconds and you’ll need to tap dance on brake and accelerator to get it going again. (hopefully a firmware upgrade could be downloaded via the USB connection?)Since we use the tractor as a portable light on occasion, it annoyingly beeps when you get off the tractor necessitating bypassing the safety switch on the seat. The AUX position of the key doesn’t and can’t do anything (nothing wired to it) It’d be nice if that had 12 volt out that would bypass the seat safety switch.Notes:We broke a tie rod after hitting a stump at nearly full speed, welded a washer onto the broken parts and has worked well for 9 months.Tires lose air pressure over time, if you sideload the tire when it’s nearly flat, it’ll blow the bead. A hike back home for a jack and battery compressor fixed it.Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to attach the Ryobi battery snow thrower and have the tractor feed power to it?

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Mike E rated RyobiOne+ RY48110 2 out of 5 stars on June 13, 2019 and this is exact feedback provided:

Caught on fire and smoked, when I was mowing.

pretty decent mower, always had an issue with the blades. I would have to turn them on and off a couple times, sometimes to get the to turn on.Had the mower for about a year and a half, and when I was mowing my crass, it burst into flames, and started smoking. trying to work with ryobi’s support and it’s been a week, with no call back or anything. called in and they said they were escalating it. whatever that means, I reminded them that I was in fact driving on it when ot caught on fire, hoping maybe they could at least contact me back. which makes me wonder if they are this slow to reach out to me after a product they made caught on fire, they must have some really serious issues, maybe deaths?!?!? so I googled it and found out on their has mower someone did die.. the mean time my grass continues to grow, and ryobi , in a week has had no response. so if I had to do it over, I think it would be a hard pass, for the price I paid. could have got a pretty reliable gas powered mower for the cost. After it caught fire I jumped of and the mower went haywire. the light all turned on and the blades went crazy fast. I ran over to it, not knowing if it was going to blow up or something. I took out the key and it went dead and continued to smoke for about 20 minutes. Now it does absolutely nothing, and is a very large expensive paperweight

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