Fun Colors and Friendly Faces Make This John Deere Feeding Set Extra Cute!

The flatware comprises stainless steel for adults that you can grasp with low plastic handles. Matching at the table is a nice experience.

John Deere’s Johnny Tractor and Friends Feeding 4 Piece Set, Green, Brown, Yellow, Blue, White, Red

This John Deere Johnny Tractor and Friends Feeding 4 Piece Set is perfect for your little farmer. The green, brown, yellow, blue, white, and red pieces are sturdy and fit most standard vehicles. The set includes a tractor, wagon, barrel, and feed sack. The tractor has a movable front loader that can be filled with the other pieces. The wagon has a pull cord that makes it easy to move around. The barrel rolls on its own wheels and the feed sack hangs from the tractor. This set is great for pretend play and helps teach colors and counting.

Encourages imaginative play
Teaches colors and counting
Promotes dexterity and hand-eye coordination
Fosters social development as children play with others
Durable construction for extended use
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This four-piece set has a whole lot of character. Kids will probably enjoy meals with their favorite john deere pals, and you’ll love the features. Dishwasher safe, microwaveable, and made without bpa, the sectional plate is exceptional for small-finger foods, while the bowl features deep sides which makes it simpler to scoop. Stainless-steel flatware falls in to the grown-up furniture classification along with durable handles that are simple for adults and children alike to grasp. Mealtime matching is made exciting with these accessories.

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Tom McGee rated 5 out of 5 stars on February 12, 2022 and this is exact feedback provided:

Kids Love Anything With the Disney/Pixar Cars Theme! My Grandson Love This 4-Piece Feeding Set.

My grandson is 23 months old and he loves everything about Disney/Pixar cars. He only lives about a mile away and my son often brings him to our house to visit. We keep toys at our home for him.We ordered this 4-piece dish feeding set for him when he comes for lunch or dinner. When he saw this set his eyes lit up, and he shouted, “Cars!” He laughed and was so happy to see that we got this set.The set is well-made, easy to clean, and durable. It is made out of a plastic-like material that is sturdy and is perfect for my grandson’s age.He loves this set and I am so glad we bought it.I recommend it to family, friends, and others looking to bring some joy to their little ones. It makes a great gift that is very useful.Enjoy!

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grannychuck305 rated 1 out of 5 stars on November 18, 2019 and this is exact feedback provided:

Horrible! Disappointing! Scary!

This is what this set looks like after about one month. I had originally bought this to keep at my house for my 3 year old grandson. When he saw it, before I could tell him it was for him to use when he came to Grammy and Poppy’s for dinner, he gave it a hug and immediately put it in his backpack! He gave me a big hug and said “THANK YOU SO MUCH!” Imagine his disappointment when the design started washing off. Had it been left at my house I would have thought it was either my top shelf dishwasher or my detergent, but since my daughter does not have a dishwasher, this has only been hand washed. This is ridiculous, and it also make me wonder how much of this came off while he was eating out of it! SCARY!!! I need to find something to replace this with something that will hold up and that he will be as excited about! It goes without saying, this is being returned!

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