Extend your riding season with the 750lb capacity MoJack MJ750XT Riding Lawn Mower Lift!

A mojack workbench attachment can be added to encourage work on push mowers and other small jobs.

Mojack MJ750XT
MoJack MJ750XT Riding Lawn Mower Lift, 750lb Capacity, Black

The MoJack MJ750XT Riding Lawn Mower Lift has a 750lb capacity, making it perfect for heavier lawn mowers. The lift also features a durable construction that is sure to last. Additionally, the lift is easy to use and operates with a simple push button. This means that anyone can quickly and easily use it to raise their lawn mower up off the ground, making it easier to work on the mower.

750lb capacity lifts up to 66 inches
Lift design accommodates any riding lawn mower
Quick release lever makes it easy to change blades
Built in safety features protect you and the machine
This MoJack MJ750XT Riding Lawn Mower Lift is perfect for anyone with a large riding lawn mower. The 750lb capacity lift can accommodate any riding lawn mower, while the quick release lever makes it easy to change blades. With built in safety features, this lift ensures you and the machine are safe.

Essential Information Of Mojack MJ750XT

Product Model MJ750XT
Product Dimensions 40 x 62.5 x 45 inches
Product Weight 99 pounds
Product Manufacturer Mojack

All You Need To Know About Mojack MJ750XT

The Mojack xt 750 is the optimal riding mower lift that’s created to lift any riding mower or lawn tractor on the market. The Mojack xt 750 contains many products that are hard-working and designed with smart features. The Mojack xt 750 comes with a screw jack and safety-pin feature so that it won’t risk slipping or becoming unstable when performing maintenance and repairs. A mojack xt 750 can be added to aid you in working on lawn mowers and other smaller projects. A mojack XT 750 is a belt replacement, debris removal, blade sharpening and offers more protection than a car ramp or blocks. The mojack XT 750 will give you the protection you need to do the work and easy storage when it is finished.

4.6Expert Score
If you have a commercial mower, you need this! Don’t be cheap and get the residential model, get this bad boy! It’s a little pricey, but I use mine at least 3 times per week. No issues so far and it breaks down for minimal storage! Plus, plus, plus!!!

Top Customer Reviews for Mojack MJ750XT

Jeannine H. Wolff rated Mojack MJ750XT 5 out of 5 stars on July 27, 2021 and this is exact feedback provided:

Mojack high lift 750 lbs

was pleased to find the box contained installation instructions and all parts were vacuum sealed. unit was packed well and was a box within a box. assembled the unit easily and immediately raised my EXmark zero turn mower to sharpen the blades

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Jared K. rated Mojack MJ750XT 3 out of 5 stars on September 30, 2018 and this is exact feedback provided:

Works well, but needed modifications to assemble

Like many of the reviews I’ve seen here, the shipping quality and construction could have been better. There were several paint scratches on the pieces upon owning the box. The stickers on the sides are already peeling off, but it was all cosmetic, so I didn’t mind.Now, when it came to assembling the unit, one of the metal tabs that attaches to one of the wheels was bent inward, so I had to bend it back with a piece of scrap wood wedged in between and hit with a hammer to straighten. That wasn’t too bad, but the worst came when I needed to install the tower to the base. The welds at the bottom on the tower were so thick that made it impossible for the tower to be inserted fully into the base. This is a major problem, since it prevents the bottom locking pin from engaging. If you were to use this jack without that pin from locking, it would fall over when you start lifting the mower. Even worse, it could fall with you underneath. The only way I could get the tower to fit far enough down was to grind down the welds. This took quite a bit of time to get right, but managed to get it to fit properly and have the pin lock the tower in place.The straps could have been thought out a little better. The current design didn’t really allow you to get a tight tie down on the wheels.I tried using a drill to raise and lower the jack, but you are better off doing it with the hand crank.Overall, it does allow me more space to change the blades and clean underneath. However, I give this 3 stars for the design/assembly/shipping quality. I feel like for the price you pay for this, you shouldn’t have to do modifications from the start.

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