Enertwist’s electric leaf blower is fast, powerful and easy to use

The ET-LB-1800 is built with durability in mind, making it a longlasting choice for your landscaping needs.

Enertwist Leaf Blower, 15-Amp Corded Electric Leaf Blower 137MPH 607CFM Variable Speed 8000~17000rpm w/ 1.2M Adjustable Shoulder Strap, 10Ft Power Cord, Cord Retention and Auxiliay Handle, ET-LB-1800

The Enertwist Leaf Blower is perfect for anyone who wants an easy and efficient way to clean up their yard or driveway. With its 15-amp cord, this electric leaf blower can move a lot of debris quickly and easily. Plus, its 607 cfm airflow will help to clear away all of the leaves and debris quickly and efficiently. And, with its variable speed, you can easily adjust the speed to match your needs. Finally, its 1.2 meter adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry around wherever you need it. So, whether you’re cleaning up after a storm or just want to get your yard cleaned up quickly and easily, the Enertwist Leaf Blower is perfect for you.

The Enertwist Leaf Blower is a powerful and efficient way to remove leaves and other debris from your yard.
This electric leaf blower has a variable speed of 8000 RPM or 17,000 RPM for greater power.
The ET-LB-1800 also features an adjustable shoulder strap and an auxiliary handle for added convenience.
The 10 ft power cord allows you to reach areas that are difficult to access with a cordless leaf blower.
The ET-LB-1800 is built with durability in mind, making it a longlasting choice for your landscaping needs.
Enertwist’s electric leaf blower is fast, powerful and easy to use

Vital Information Of ENERTWIST ET-LB-1800

Product Model ET-LB-1800
Product Color 15Amp Electric Leaf Blower
Product Dimensions 31 x 7 x 10 inches
Product Weight 3 pounds
Product Manufacturer ENERTWIST
Product Country of Origin China

Everything There Is To Know About ENERTWIST ET-LB-1800

Electric leaf blower tips enertwist corded are likely to be lighter compared to battery-powered blowers. Unless you are able to reach your electrical outlet as far as possible with your extension cord, you ought to purchase a specialized extension cable. Enertwist electric leaf blower requires very little upkeep, notably far less than gasoline-powered blowers. To minimize your potential risk of injury and damage to the leaf blower ‘s internal combustion engine, you should plug it into an electrical extension cord which is rated to the power demands of the device.

4.5Expert Score
Drying power
I wanted something easy for me to use. I like to keep the leaves blown off the entry way. It works great for me. My husband has a backpack blower and regular gas. I can’t crank them and I don’t like smelling like gas.

Top Customer Reviews for ENERTWIST ET-LB-1800

Daniel L. Grenemyer Sr. rated ENERTWIST ET-LB-1800 5 out of 5 stars on November 1, 2020 and this is exact feedback provided:

It Blows Leaves Well.

I love it foe the price. It does what I expected it to do. I like the short cannon on it which is easier to haul around. Blew the neighbors cat right out of the yard, just kidding. It is a great product for my large 1/8 acer lot, yes it blows!

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Richard rated ENERTWIST ET-LB-1800 3 out of 5 stars on April 23, 2022 and this is exact feedback provided:

Low Max Air Speed

The product is light weight, designed to use easily, the cord appears shorter than the advertised 10 foot, but most importantly, it doesn’t appear to have nearly the maximum 137 MPH output speed. I can easily hold my hand nearly 1 ft. from the extension nozzle. It would be good for drying wet hands. Haven’t had a chance to use it for leaf blowing yet. I sincerely doubt it will move wet leaves stuck on concrete or wet, mowed grass off the lawn. I bought it for leaf blowing, lawn use, and to test for air leaks in an RV. It was useless for testing for air leaks. Hope it works for leaves and grass. Maybe should have gone for the DeWalt.

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