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The EGO Power MHC1502 is a versatile and powerful cordless trimmer, edger and power head combo kit that gives you the freedom of cordless power.

EGO Power+ MHC1502
EGO Power+ MHC1502 Multi Combo Kit: 15 String Trimmer, 8-Inch Edger & Power Head with 5.0Ah Battery & Charger Included

The EGO Power MHC1502 Multi Combo Kit comes with a 15 string trimmer, 8-inch edger and power head. It also includes a 5.0Ah battery and charger. This kit is perfect for homeowners who want a versatile landscaping tool kit. The trimmer has a 15-inch cutting swath and the edger has a 8-inch blade. The power head can be used with other attachments, such as the blower or hedge trimmer. The 5.0Ah battery provides plenty of power and runtime for completing projects around the yard. The included charger quickly charges the battery so that it is ready to go when needed.

The EGO POWER MHC1502 Multi Combo Kit comes with a 15 string trimmer, 8-inch edger and power head
The kit also includes a 5.0Ah battery and charger
The 15 string trimmer has a brushless motor that delivers longer runtime and more torque
The 8-inch edger is perfect for trimming around sidewalks, driveways and flower beds
The power head is compatible with all EGO POWER attachments (sold separately)
The 5.0Ah battery offers long runtime and quick charge times

Key Information About The Product

Product Model MHC1502
Product Dimensions 59.65 x 11.22 x 6.3 inches
Product Weight 29.3 pounds
Product Manufacturer EGO Power+

All there is to know about EGO Power+ MHC1502

The ego 15" string trimmer attachment, edger attachment, cordless power head, 5.0ah arc li-ion battery, and 56-volt charger combo kit makes a great ego starter package. The 15" string trimmer and edger combo is compatible with the ego power  multi-head system, making it really easy and efficient to get all your lawn trimming and edging items accomplished. The 15" hook-loop attachment is equipped with the ego rapid reload head, allowing you to rewind the line without stopping to cut the line. The 15" cutting swath, bump head line advancement and professional quality #0.095" cutting line deliver professional quality results. The ego 8" trowel attachment has easily and quickly adjusted depth for edging areas around your property and drives. Compatible with all ego arc lithium  remote batteries to maximize the convenience of cordless and provide enough power to exceed all expectations.

4.7Expert Score
Easy to assemble
[ Problem 1 ] Quality control and faulty unit:The kit I received appears to have a bad battery. In just a few seconds, it goes from supposedly fully charged to auto-shutdown due to supposed low battery. After resting for a few seconds it once again believes it is fully charged, but trying to use it again only works for a few seconds before auto-shutdown and red "low battery" indicators. This is not a great start. My central motivation in buying into a battery-based system was the dream of higher reliability with lower maintenance cost/effort compared to my gas tools. OK so this is incredibly frustrating, but surely EGO is a modern company with modern e-commerce-speed customer expectations in mind… I'm sure if I give them a call or visit their website they'll have a replacement battery out to me in no time. Right?

Top Customer Reviews for EGO Power+ MHC1502

Charles Arcario rated EGO Power+ MHC1502 5 out of 5 stars on February 1, 2021 and this is exact feedback provided:

Lawn Care Made Easy

I love all my EGO tools for my residential lawn care. Very powerful. Long battery life. Fast recharge. No gas or oil needed.They really thought of everything when it comes to assembly, use, disassembly, and storage. Dare I say that it makes yard work fun.I own a EGO mower, trimmer, edger, and blower. Batteries are interchangeable. Registration of tools is a snap using the mobile app.Super quiet as well. This is helpful for early morning mowing to escape the heat without bothering sleeping sleeping family and neighbors 😉

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Mosfet50 rated EGO Power+ MHC1502 3 out of 5 stars on June 27, 2020 and this is exact feedback provided:

A good product with caveats

This is a well made well thought out tool with excellent technology. The plastic is durable and the saw has a worthy warranty. So why did I only give it three stars?When the tool came I noticed it had the older battery, the one without the five bars showing the degree of discharge. The new battery, as I came to find out has a "T" at the end of its designation. That might not sound like a big deal but if you know batteries you know that monitoring the battery level is important. All batteries have a life and that life is based on cycles. The deeper you cycle the battery the shorter its life is so knowing the level of charge and discharge is important. Since I have more than one Ego battery I like to switch out batteries when they reach a certain point. Sometimes I’m away from the charger and knowing how much battery is left often saves me time.So I called EGO tech line and I was told that some products still have the older battery because they have stock left. So I asked when the new battery came out? The tech said, “2017”. So why is it that the new battery has been out since 2017 and I’m buying a tool in 2020 with old technology? Worse I was told that my battery was manufactured in August of 2019. What? I have a lot of years doing electronic industrial designs and my guess is that it’s not the battery itself but the associated electronics and housings that EGO has stock of and are still putting in newer equipment.While I’m happy with the pole saw I’m not happy that I paid several hundred dollars for old technology especially after seeing their advertising showing the newer battery design and seeing videos where reviewers complained about the specific fact that even cheaper batteries have level indicators. EGO likely went to the new design because of complaints with the older design. At EGO's prices this shouldn't happen.Caveat emptor.Update July 2020I posted a fair and honest review on EGO's site stating the same points I posted here. EGO wouldn't publish it! Now I'm really down on this company.Okay EGO, here's your chance to speak up, what's your response?

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