Don’t Let Your Mower Degrade – MTD Genuine Parts (490-900-M061) Deck Wash Kit Can Help

Cleans quickly and easily - just attach the hose and spray

MTD Genuine Parts (490-900-M061) Deck Wash Kit-For Lawn Mowers and Tractors (2005 and After) Fits Various MTD, Troy-Bilt, and Other Top Models

This deck wash kit is perfect for cleaning the deck of your lawn mower or tractor. It fits various MTD, Troy-Bilt, and other top models, so you can be sure that it will work with your machine. The kit includes a hose adapter, a spray nozzle, and a detergent bottle, so you have everything you need to get the job done. The detergent helps to loosen dirt and debris, making it easy to wash away. And the hose adapter makes it easy to connect the kit to your garden hose.

Keeps your deck clean and protects it from rust and corrosion
Easy to install – comes with complete instructions
Fits various MTD, Troy-Bilt, and other top models
Cleans quickly and easily – just attach the hose and spray
Keeps your deck looking like new season after season

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The mtd actual parts deck cleaner kit offers the quickest way to clean tractor and lawn mower decks. This kit is factory tested and approved to deliver a perfect fit, strength, durability, and performance you need. The replacement parts kit replaces a majority of the inventory management line 721-04041, 737-04003d, and 731-07487 and fits most troy-bilt, bolens, huskee, mtd, yard machines, and yard-man walk-behind mowers and lawn tractors, models 2005 and after. Simply refer to the user guide for clear-cut installation instructions. For walks-behind mower decks and 42″ tractor decks, one kit includes items, while two kits contain elements for 46″, 50″, and 54″ tractor decks. For walks-behind mower decks and 42″ tractor decks, one kit includes items, while two kits contain elements for 46″, 50″, and 54″ tractor decks.

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There is two different fittings in the package, I have two mowers. They are made to fit a deck that is already drilled for these fittings, but if you have a drill, your deck can be made to except them. Go look at where the wash-out fittings are located, on a mower, at your local big box store and install the fitting in approximately the same place on your deck. make sure you have clearance between where the bottom of the nozzle will stick through the deck and you should be good. After cutting the grass, attach your hose with the quick disconnect to the fitting and run the mower with the blades turning full blast. lower the deck to the lowest position and wait for a few minutes till the discharge water is clear and maybe another minute. Shut everything down and go on about what ever you have to do.

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Jabler rated 5 out of 5 stars on July 8, 2017 and this is exact feedback provided:

Very pleased. Saves time.

I added two of these wash kits to my 42″ mower deck. Since it never had any such device on it, I needed to drill holes in the deck. When drilling, observe both access to the quick connector side and where the spray will be under the deck. I used a 5/8″ drill bit that just allowed the narrowest threaded part of the nozzle to extend partially into the mower deck. I say “partially” because the next stage of the nozzle is designed for a much larger size opening that is about 3/4″ of an inch but has flat sides in order to help tighten the compression nut and assure proper direction of the nozzle spray. Since I did not do the larger opening, I had to be more careful that the nozzle direction was checked throughout tightening. The larger opening would have provided a better spray as the nozzle would have entered the mower deck deeper and might have preventing some of the leaking on the top of the deck. Frankly, I did not want to spend the entire day trying to make such a hole with a file. As it was, the installation took about 5 minutes each side. I used loctite on the threads to minimize loosening. Notice on the pictures how I needed the first nozzle located on the backside of the discharge shoot otherwise this area would always be packed with grass clippings. The deck can be seen to be pretty clean and it totally blasts all the paint off the underside of the deck. At first I was alarmed but as long as you do the wash most every time, it won’t get much of a chance of rotting out the metal. I start with the second port when washing and then move to the first port. You can tell it is clean when the water coming out of the discharge shoot is clean of the green water. Since I was testing the system, these pictures were after washing for about one minute at each port. The recommended is 2 minutes wash (each port) and 2 minutes for air drying. I now do the 2 minute and am very satisfied with the results. There is some leaking but for the fast installation and good results, I can live with a little leaking on the top of the deck.

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Rick rated 1 out of 5 stars on April 15, 2021 and this is exact feedback provided:

Too Late to Return

I have experienced this only one time before that the threads are different size than the standard garden hose. In both cases the part came from China. The quick connect on the left is much smaller than the quick connect on the right. The only difference that I see is one was made in China and the other one was made in the USA. Not knocking things made in China but for some reason they can’t manufacture hose fittings to fit USA products. This was a complete mistake. I ordered this for my brand new Cub Cadet mower deck. Fortunately I have another US made quick connect that worked with the other end I already installed on my deck a month ago. I never tried it out until now. I just assumed like everything else it was compatible with US made garden hoses.

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