CRAFTSMAN Leaf Blower / Leaf Vacuum & Mulcher, 12-Amp, Corded (CMEBL7000)

Mulch leaves quickly and easily with this machine

CRAFTSMAN Leaf Blower / Leaf Vacuum & Mulcher, 12-Amp, Corded (CMEBL7000)

The CRAFTSMAN Leaf Blower is a powerful 12-amp corded vacuum and mulcher that is perfect for cleaning up large areas quickly. The Vacuum & Mulcher features a high-power motor that can easily remove debris from large areas, making it perfect for cleaning up leaves, branches, and other debris. With its lightweight design, the CRAFTSMAN Leaf Blower is easy to carry around and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Vacuum & Mulcher is also backed by CRAFTSMAN’s 2-year warranty, so you can be sure that it will provide you with years of trouble-free use.

Efficient leaf blower that vacuums and mulches leaves
12 amp motor provides plenty of power
Handle is ergonomically designed for comfort
Corded design makes it easy to move around
Lifetime warranty
Mulch leaves quickly and easily with this machine
Keep Your Garden Clean and Neat with

Essential Information Of CRAFTSMAN CMEBL7000

Product Model CMEBL7000
Product Dimensions 19 x 13.25 x 9.25 inches
Product Weight 11.27 pounds
Product Manufacturer CRAFTSMAN

Must Know About CRAFTSMAN CMEBL7000

The 12-amp 3-in-1 leaf blower/vacuum mulcher has a powerful motor to deal with difficult jobs. Equipped with a Sit-On Mellor 25691, it features convenient tool-free switching, so you can select a blower for lawn care and clean leaves and debris with the Vac Mulcher completely hassle-free. It can collect up to 55 liters of debris with the backpack collection bag, made from lightweight straps to provide comfort as you work.

4.2Expert Score
We bought two of these because one of us was using a blower and the other was stuck using a rake. The blower is so much faster than raking. I always use hearing protection when operating equipment so I didn’t notice if this was more or less noisy than the previous Toro blower we had. The vacuum worked well to suck leaves out of landscaping that had needles or holly leaves. I was worried about picking up small stones when sucking leaves with the vacuum, but so far no problem. I’m careful to not get too close to the gravel and rocks. One thing that others complained about was that the unit stopped working. When you switch between vacuum and blowing, it is a little difficult to twist the vacuum tube attachment to get it open and also to twist the tube on FAR ENOUGH until it clicks so that the safety switches are engaged.

Top Customer Reviews for CRAFTSMAN CMEBL7000

Y-Knot rated CRAFTSMAN CMEBL7000 5 out of 5 stars on September 19, 2020 and this is exact feedback provided:

Perfect leaf vacuum!

The backpack vacuum is the perfect solution for my yard care. We have a stamped concrete pool and rock gardens. With multiple live oak trees shading it all. Any leaves left anywhere become a mosquito nest. I live that I can lift leaves right off the rock gardens without worrying about picking up any rocks! I am a 60 year old lady and use this machine for 2-4 hours at a time. Keeping our oasis looking like paradise.

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Amazon Customer rated CRAFTSMAN CMEBL7000 1 out of 5 stars on January 25, 2019 and this is exact feedback provided:

Terrible unit!

This product is awesome if you don’t mind blowing away one leaf at a time. Excuse the sarcasm but it is literally like a mouse breathing through a straw. Unfortunately I was not expecting this and threw away the Box. Not sure what I was thinking. The patio that I need to blow off now takes me 5 minutes versus the 30 seconds with my old Toro that I had for about 15 years, and then I still have sticks that it won’t blow. Horrible product. I’ll most likely end up throwing this away and buying the one I had again.

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