CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer Beats the Heck Out of Dirty Jobs!

CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer Beats the Heck Out of Dirty Jobs!

CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer, Cold Water, 2400-PSI, 1.1-GPM, Corded (CMEPW2400)

The CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer, Cold Water, 2400-PSI, 1.1-GPM, Corded (CMEPW2400) is an excellent tool for cleaning all types of surfaces. It has a powerful motor that delivers 2400PSI of pressure and 1.1GPM of water flow. This efficient machine is easy to use and has a fast trigger for quick bursts of power. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold, even for long periods of time. The CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer is also easy to store, making it the perfect choice for homeowners who want an effective tool that they can use quickly and easily.

2400 PSI power for superior cleaning
Cold water spray means less wear and tear on your equipment
1.1 GPM flow rate for high efficiency cleaning
10 foot cord length for easy reach
Durable all metal construction
CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer Beats the Heck Out of Dirty Jobs!
CRAFTSMAN Electric Pressure Washer: 2400-

Essential Information Of CRAFTSMAN CMEPW2400

Product Model CMEPW2400
Product Dimensions 19.5 x 18 x 30 inches
Product Weight 52.1 pounds
Product Manufacturer CRAFTSMAN
Product Country of Origin Vietnam

Everything There Is To Know About CRAFTSMAN CMEPW2400

Electromechanical pressure washers that can meet the demands of the 2,000-bar maximum pressure for cold water have the power to perform outdoor cleaning tasks up to the first and second floors. It has 4 nozzles, including a turbo nozzle, and comes in contact with the environment. The pressure washer wand contains a comfort grip that helps with ease of use and features an innovative design that includes a t-rail handle system so that your wand stays safely in place during transport. You can also store your wand, hose, cord, and accessories on board.

4.6Expert Score
Easy to use
Got this to do light-medium work around house. I went with electric as it is much quieter in the subdivision that I live as neighbors have complained when using my much larger gas powered unit. I did my driveway pretty easy using tips provided. I tried using my rotating head that I have for the gas powered unit and found that even at 2400psi, did not work very effective. I also used it gently on my pool area cool deck and it worked great there – my gas powered is too much for that application. I tried it on side of 2nd story and while it will reach the 2nd story, cleaning it is a stretch from the ground. It worked great on house brick. Overall, I would certainly pleased with purchase, only time will tell on how well it holds up.

Top Customer Reviews for CRAFTSMAN CMEPW2400

Ben rated CRAFTSMAN CMEPW2400 5 out of 5 stars on March 30, 2022 and this is exact feedback provided:

This is my first power washer

I’m not a power washer pro, this is my first time owning one. I watched a couple of review videos online, and read the reviews on Amazon before buying this one. I’m sure there are better power washers out there, but I’m SUPER happy with this thing, and doubt you can find anything much better for the price. The pressure is more than adequate for the average user who just wants something to use around the yard, on the house and to wash a car. I’ve only used the soap dispenser once, and it was just OK – not a lot of suds.But as far as pressure washers go, this fella is pretty quiet! I’m just realizing I lied earlier – I have used one other washer like this, but it was a gas unit and it was LOUD. I almost felt like a burden using it for too long, like my neighbors would start complaining. Having to plug in an electric unit is a little inconvenient, but really not a big issue. And the trade-off is that it’s much quieter, which is a no brainer if your application allows you to be close to an outlet.So, there you have it. I always told myself I’d grow up one day and own one of these things, and now that I have this one, I’d say my life is just about complete.

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Amazon Customer rated CRAFTSMAN CMEPW2400 1 out of 5 stars on June 19, 2022 and this is exact feedback provided:

Defective junk

It was very easy to assemble. The soap addition part looks cheap the hose is barely on but I didn’t get to try that part. Overall it looks cheap quality but I bought it for light duty things (lawn chairs small patio etc) that I didn’t want/need huge pressure on. I put it all together again very easy to do. Hooked it up and nothing. So did the troubleshooting reset the power box on the power cord etc at first it worked. So I went and got all my stuff to wash and nothing. The power box green light is on so it get power but the motor works intermittently at best. Tried multiple outlets (that worked on other items) and nothing. I thought I bought a decent quality light duty washer but it’s just doesn’t work. The return process is fast. Amazon had UPS coming the next business day to get this hunk of junk. Still had to east my time boxing it back up though. But a better unit save yourself the hassle. I’d give less than a star if I could.

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