Craftsman CMXGZAM110182 50-Inch Low-Lift Sand Lawn Mower Blade Set

This blade set is compatible with the Craftsman CMXGZAM110182 lawn mower.

Arnold CMXGZAM110182
Craftsman CMXGZAM110182 50-Inch Low-Lift Sand Lawn Mower Blade Set OE# 05052-L

The Craftsman CMXGZAM110182 50-Inch Low-Lift Sand Lawn Mower Blade Set OE  05052-L are a great set of blades for anyone looking for a low-lift mower. They provide a smooth cut, minimizing the chance for snagging and tearing up the lawn. Additionally, these blades are made from high-quality materials that will last for many seasons.

Low-Lift Blade Set Keeps Lawn Clean – Craftsman’s CMXGZAM110182 blade set is perfect for keeping your lawn clean
7000 rpm and 50 inch cutting width make this a powerful machine
Craftsman CMXGZAM110182 50-Inch Low-Lift Sand Lawn Mower Blade Set
Say Goodbye to Dull Blades!
Perfect for those with a tight gardening budget, the Craftsman CMX
The Craftsman CMXGZAM110182 50-Inch Low-Lift Blade Set OE Could be

Significant Information Of Arnold CMXGZAM110182

Product Model CMXGZAM110182
Product Dimensions 17.75 x 2.38 x 1.5 inches
Product Weight 5.34 pounds
Product Manufacturer Arnold

Everything Worth Knowing About Arnold CMXGZAM110182

Blades should be inspected & replaced every season. Sharp-edged blades cut grass cleanly & move through it like water, decreasing the duration of each individual mowing session & decreasing wear and tear on the lawn, giving it a healthier appearance.

4.8Expert Score
Looks fantastic
I live in an area with very poor soil. Old blades kicked up enormous amounts of dust. Blanketed our cars, deck, patio furniture, everything. Swapped to these, and yes, the cut isn’t as good, but there is NO DUST! Going over the same areas on a dry and nothing was kicked up. There is some remowing needed for a few stragglers, and some on patches with bumpy areas, but it’s not bad. I’d rather spend 10 extra mins touching up missed areas, vs 45 minutes trying to blow/clean all the dust off of everything.

Top Customer Reviews for Arnold CMXGZAM110182

Meg McGowan rated Arnold CMXGZAM110182 5 out of 5 stars on December 1, 2021 and this is exact feedback provided:

Better than manufacturer’s original blades

Installed these on my Sears Craftsman ProSeries garden tractor. My soil has lots of sand, gopher piles, and uneven surfaces so it’s very hard on the mower blades. These cut beautifully and do seem to kick up less dirt, especially onto the underside of the deck where it’s so hard to clean off. They also seem to be lasting longer than previous blades (becoming dull less quickly). Very happy with them and will use again when they eventually need changing. My installer had no difficulty putting them on.

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