Clean everything in sight with this amazing Rock&Rocker pressure washer!

This product is great. It’s heavy duty and works like a charm. I use it to clean my deck and patio furniture,etc.. The only thing that I don’

Rock&Rocker HRX14P
Rock&Rocker Powerful Electric Pressure Washer, 3500PSI Max 2.6 GPM Power Washer with Hose Reel, 4 Quick Connect Nozzles, Soap Tank, IPX5 Car Wash Machine /Car/Driveway/Patio Clean, Green

This electric pressure washer is a powerful tool that is perfect for car washes, home improvement projects, and more. It features a max psi of 3500 and a 2.6 gpm flow rate, making it perfect for heavy-duty use. Additionally, it comes with four quick connect nozzles, a soap tank, and an IPX5 car wash mach. This allows the user to customize their cleaning experience to best suit their needs. Plus, the attached hose reel makes it easy to store and transport the machine.

Cleans cars, driveways, patios and more with ease
Pressure washer features a powerful 2.6 GPM motor
Comes with 4 quick connect nozzles for different spray patterns
Hose reel ensures the hose is neatly stored when not in use
IPX5 water resistant car wash machine for easy cleaning
Get your power washing done in no time with this handy machine!

Core Information Of Rock&Rocker HRX14P

Product Model HRX14P
Product Dimensions 21 x 13 x 13 inches
Product Weight 19.58 pounds
Product Manufacturer Rock&Rocker

Everything You Should Know About Rock&Rocker HRX14P

Rock and stone cleaner v3.2 draws water at 3500 psi at 1.85 gpm using an electricity pressure washer, a garden hose, four nozzles, a soap tank, and a car washer designed for the exterior of a house or car.

4.1Expert Score
Value for money
We chose this pressure cleaner because it has a reel for the hose and got good reviews. We have a lot of surfaces to pressure clean around the house and a big one was the driveway. The Paxcess did a great job on the driveway. It cut right through the buildup of dirt and mildew. It has a long hose and electrical cord, a good feature when the driveway is long. Make sure there are no kinks in the hose that supplies the water. That will interfere with the pressure put out by the Paxcess. Easy setup and breakdown of the pressure cleaner makes this very convenient to use. On top of that, I have contacted Paxcess by email and got an immediate and helpful response. Excellent customer service.

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Badseed rated Rock&Rocker HRX14P 5 out of 5 stars on October 15, 2021 and this is exact feedback provided:

Apology review

I recently bought a pressure washer from paxas and was unsatisfied and wrote a bad review. The company contacted me and wanted to know if i would let them make it rite. They gave me a choice of a new washer no charge or money back. I agreed to try another washer. I believe i had gotten a washer that had a faulty part or component at no fault of the company. The new washer is great! Does a fine job washing my semi and the concrete driveway. Good pressure constantly. Light weight. And it looks cool. I applaud paxas for being a company with higher standards on customer satisfaction and product performance. The people i dealt with wanted to make sure i was satisfied at any expence. That goes a long way in todays world. Thank you paxas.

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Jay Harbath rated Rock&Rocker HRX14P 1 out of 5 stars on July 1, 2022 and this is exact feedback provided:

Annoyingly non standard connectors and an early gun failure

Not only couldn’t I use a standard M22 and 3/8 coupler soap injector, but the non-standard Pressure Washer gun failed after less than two weeks use.It started a high-pitched whine and the motor was cycling on and off for no apparent reason. Then I noticed the leaking gun. Vibration in the faulty water shutoff valve cause the whine. The next time I tried to use it, the water and motor would not shut off at all, which is an ENORMOUS SAFETY RISK.The outlet of your pressure washer is not an industry standard male M22. The cheap Pressure washer gun also uses a non-standard connection, it does not accept an industry standard 3/8″ male plug.The good news is I have been an engineer for over 40 years and am slightly stubborn and hate it when things don’t work right.So far, it has cost me:$17.84 for a M MINGLE Ultimate Pressure Washer Adapter Set$33.99 for a M MINGLE Replacement Pressure Washer Gun with Extension Wand$33.49 for a RIDGE WASHER Pressure Washer Hose 50 FTTheir insistence on using weird, proprietary connectors cost me $85.32 and a considerable amount of valuable engineering time.I modified a standard hose washer to get the M22 14 mm Female to 3/8″ male plug to work because of the weird connector coming out of your pressure washer. Their inner diameter is too large to seal properly with the industry standard O-ring center piece. The flat sides of the threads (for no apparent reason) make Teflon tape pointless.I put industry standard 3/8″ quick disconnects to male M22 14 mm adapter on each end of the new hose. Now I can use my soap injector. Even with my new 24’ pressure washer lance.

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