Builder’s Choice: 9040H Replacement Bearing & Bushing Kit

Get the Same Power and Toughness as a New Mower with This Option

9040H Front Wheel Bushing to Bearing Conversion Kit Compatible with Craftsman, Poulan, Husqvarna, Jonsered, Murray Lawn Mower Fits 532009040, 532124959, 91334, 491334MA, 5920H, 9040HR, 9040N

The Craftsman 9040H front wheel bushing to bearing conversion kit is a great way for customers who own a Craftsman, Poulan, Husqvarna, or Jonsered lawn mower to replace their worn out bearings. This kit is compatible with models 532009040, 53212495. The kit includes all of the necessary parts to replace the bearings and bushings on the lawn mower. This will ensure that the lawn mower operates smoothly and lasts longer.

Keeps your mower running smooth and prevents premature wear
Allows for easy replacement of bushings and bearings
Includes all necessary hardware
Made to fit specific models
Get the Same Power and Toughness as a New Mower with This Option
Easily Swap Out Your Old Front Wheel Bushing for a

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All our high quality bearings are manufactured in accordance with your special requirements with high temperature, robust, anti-corrosion grease for enhanced bearing durability. Unlike bushings, bearings provide minimal friction and up to seven times longer life, reducing upkeep and energy costs. Replacement part # 9040h, # 532009040, # 532124959, # 91334491334ma, # 5920h, # 9040hr, # 9040nproduct included  4 high quality sealed flange wheel bearings with our premium grease upgrade, 2 hub cap retainer washers, 4 heat treated thrust washers (highly recommended for conversion from bushing to bearing), 2 new e-clips, 2 new hub caps product size

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Looks fantastic
My seven year old Poulan Pro had a bad wheel bearing. This set fits perfectly. I used two of the four supplied bearings and all the washers that were included to shim everything up. I still have two bearings left over plus the snap rings, which I didn’t use, preferring to re-use the ones that were on the mower. I’ve used the mower four times since replacing the bearings and see no reason why these new replacements shouldn’t last a long time.

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cody bellville rated 5 out of 5 stars on May 30, 2022 and this is exact feedback provided:

Tolerances are really good which may be bad

Bought as a upgrade to the worn out nylon bushings originally installed at the factory. The bearings are of good quality and were packed full of grease. The problem was I also installed a new front right spindle to replace the rusted out original. The new spindle came painted where the inside diameter of the bearings slide over. This paint would not allow the new bearings to slide onto it. After I wire wheeled the paint off the bearings slide on like butter. For the original spindle that I didn’t replace on the other side I cleaned the old grease and rust off and they installed no problem. So if you are replacing your front steering spindles and installing these bearings make sure you clean off the the paint.

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