AVID POWER Leaf Blower Provides High-Powered Cleaning at Home or on the Go

Its lightweight design of only 3.2 pounds for reduced tiredness while in use. Suit this Cordless Blower back into the garden.

AVID POWER Leaf Blower, 20V Cordless Leaf Blower with 2.0Ah Battery and Charger, 130 MPH Electric Leaf Blower Light Duty

The AVID POWER Leaf Blower is a 20V cordless leaf blower with 2.0Ah battery and charger, 130 MPH electric leaf blower light duty. With its high-performance motor, this leaf blower is ideal for clearing large areas quickly and easily. The built-in LED light makes it easy to see in dark areas and the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use. Additionally, the battery and charger are included so you can get started quickly.

The 20V AVID POWER Leaf Blower is powerful and easy to use
The 130 MPH Electric Leaf Blower Light Duty is perfect for clearing large areas quickly
The 2.0Ah Battery offers hours of power and can be recharged in just a few hours
The Charger is included and allows you to recharge the battery quickly and easily
The ergonomic handle makes this leaf blower easy to maneuver
Get the AVID POWER Leaf Blower for cleanliness and speed
The 20V Cordless Leaf Blower is perfect for those quick jobs

Important Information Of AVID POWER ACVB220

Product Model ACVB220
Product Weight 3.2 pounds
Product Manufacturer AVID POWER

All You Need To Know About AVID POWER ACVB220

It delivers all the power and versatility you need to manage your neighborhood cleanup tasks. This leaf blower is perfectly designed for sweeping leaves, twigs, and particles from hard surfaces like driveways, decks, porches, and garages. You can efficiently clear debris up to 130 mph, at 135 cfm. Not only does it enable you to make quick travels to previously hard-to-reach products with ease, its lightweight capacity of only 3.2 lbs also facilitates less fatigue during use. Let this cordless leaf blower become an important tool in your garden.

4Expert Score
Light weight
You get 20 minutes of debris blowing action – then MUST pause your job. It’s girl easy to use because it’s not heavy or complicated to set up. Great for townhouse or apartment dwellers.

Top Customer Reviews for AVID POWER ACVB220

Xiang Gao rated AVID POWER ACVB220 5 out of 5 stars on May 31, 2019 and this is exact feedback provided:

perfect product

It’s a great product. It has a lot of wind, it’s easy to hold, and it’s not heavy. The sound was not as loud as expected. It’s also good to wash the car and blow the droplets off the surface.

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Ted Szy rated AVID POWER ACVB220 1 out of 5 stars on January 30, 2020 and this is exact feedback provided:

Perfect for blowing leaves off a small deck, or dust out of your garage, and not much else.

Let me explain – I was looking for a cheap, lightweight cordless leaf blower with enough power to blow pine needles and leaves off my small 10’x12′ deck, and this met my expectations.Don’t expect it to blow leaves off grass. It works just fine on a smooth deck, but lacks power to do anything more. But, as I said, it’s all I was looking for. I own a Husqvarna backpack blower that will almost launch me into orbit. That’s the tool to clear a yard of leaves, even wet leaves. Don’t expect this lightweight toy to do that job.The plastic case is noticeably thin and cheap. It almost looks translucent. I expect it to shatter if I drop it. The battery worked for about 10-15 minutes before automatically shutting off. I expected the LED capacity gauge on the battery to indicate one or no lights, but it lit two of them. Weird. Also, the gauge should be on the other end of the battery so you can easily use it without removing the battery from the blower.Now, let’s see how long the blower and battery keep working before this hits the dumpster.So, if you want a cheap, lightweight, cordless blower to clear light debris off your relatively small deck, this is the one for you. Anything else, buy a real leaf blower. This one is guaranteed NOT to exceed your expectations.Followup – I thought I’d try the USB charging port on the battery with an old cell phone. I discovered that the charger only works when the blue LED lights on the battery gauge are lit. Since they only light for a few seconds when you press the button next to them to check the battery status, this makes the charging port useless. I even tried plugging the battery into the charger to see if the USB charging port only worked while the battery is charging, but no. So, the USB charging port feature is completely useless.Follow-up 2 – The vendor offered me a refund, I gratefully accepted, then they never sent me a refund! So, I lowered my rating to one star.

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