5 Packs of Sharpener for any power drill or hand drill – Craftsman lawn mower blade sharpener

Lawn mower blade sharpener is made of corundum, incredibly tough and durable, long-lasting product that will last a long time, good helper for your lawn mower.

Crafts Man 5 Packs Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener Lawn Mower Sharpener for Any Power Drill Hand Drill by (5 pcs Blue)

Are you looking for a lawnmower blade sharpener? Look no further than Craftsman. This 5 pack of lawnmower blade sharpener is perfect for any power drill.

Craftsman 5-Pack Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener – How to Fix your Dull Blades!
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5 Packs of Sharpener for any power drill or hand drill – Craftsman lawn mower blade sharpener
Designer recommended: 5 pink-colored lawn sharpener boxes to keep your yard mower in top condition

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The Craftsman lawnmower sharpener is a great choice for those who have a power drill and want to sharpen their lawnmower blades. This sharpener can be used on any type of drill, making it the perfect tool for anyone. The sharpener is made from durable plastic and has a blue color, which makes it easy to see in the dark. The sharpener is also easy to operate, taking only a few minutes to get your blades sharpened.

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I bought these for my hubby and he LOVES them! We live in the Ozark upland and our soil is rocky so it is extremely hard on mower blades. After paying to have our blades sharpened, buying new blades, and trying to sharpen the blades himself, these are phenomenal! Inexpensive, easy to use, and sharpens like a pro! Highly recommend!!!

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SIR BUYSALOT rated C 5 out of 5 stars on March 25, 2021 and this is exact feedback provided:

I’m Real Happy With These Sharpeners!

These are very good; better than I hoped they would be. Let me say right off the bat that you should ignore the vast majority of the 1-star reviews. Why? Because they are from people who have either no idea what they’re doing, when they try to sharpen mower blades, or have no patience, which is essential. Some things just take a little time to do RIGHT, and this is one of them. I have a lawn care business, so naturally, I have to sharpen the blades from my 4 different mowers frequently. That adds up to 10 blades to sharpen, which takes some time, and is generally a pain. I’ve always used a bench grinder, followed by files and sharpening stones, to achieve a good, sharp edge. But if you use a bench grinder, you know that it’s hard to free-hand any mower blade across a grinder wheel and get a consistent edge, because without some kind of fixed guidance system, it’s hard to maintain exact pressure along the length of the blade’s cutting section. So you often end up with a wavy pattern, lost metal, and inconsistent edge. Those factors don’t lend to extended blade life.But these sharpening wheels solve that scenario. Used correctly, they keep a consistent angle and pressure on the cutting area of any blade. If you look at the picture I’ve included, you can see that the edge has a bit of a wave to it, rather than a straight cutting surface, but that is from using the grinding wheel, in the past. The pic is not of new blades, but used ones, which I re-sharpened with this product. But notice the beautiful, consistent angle to the freshly-sharpened blade! That’s the beauty of these sharpening wheels; the angle is pre-set. You put it in your drill, fix the blade to be sharpened in a vise, and start running the wheel back and forth along the edge. In pretty short order, you have a professionally sharpened blade that’s ready to be put back into service. My only suggestion is to Not use a battery-operated drill for this procedure. Use a drill that plugs into an electrical outlet, because the process takes a little while to complete, and unless you have only 1 blade to sharpen, the drill’s speed will slow down, and you won’t get the results you’re after. Also, I read one review that said he used an air tool. Well, he’s not the only one who has air tools, but the speed of an air tool runs down as the compressor’s output runs down (until it kicks back on), just like battery-operated tools slow down. I very much recommend this product! If you have a modicum of patience, skill, and reasonable expectations, you will get the results you seek. Don’t listen to the nay-sayers. These things work, WAY better than a bench grinder and with a lot less time and work!

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Matthew rated C 1 out of 5 stars on July 18, 2020 and this is exact feedback provided:


Thought I would try these and in my honest opinion they are worthless!Fortunately I have tools most average home owners don’t, like air tools and a compressor that can handle them!Cordless or corded drills do not have the rpm’s to grind!I used a small 1/4” die grinder at 20,000 rpm’s BUT you will have to modify the grinding stone, cheap Chinese plastic which will melt even with a drill which I discovered the first try, so with that said I took the stone off and ground the plastic flat and put on a heavy metal washer then put the stone back on, then with the air die grinder it did work but takes a very long time to get the blades sharp then don’t forget to balance them!I’ll use these in a pinch but definitely not worth buying, PERIOD!I’m going to buy the ALL AMERICAN SHARPENER which can be found online by the manufacturer which is ALL AMERICAN MADE!

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